Resident Evil Village: Meet Lady Dimitrescu’s three daughters

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When Alcina Dimitrescu (a.k.a. “Tall Vampire Lady”) was introduced to the world ahead of the first Resident Evil Showcase, many people fell head over heels for the nine-and-a-half foot tall femme fatale who’s brought excitement for Resident Evil Village to new heights (couldn’t resist that one). However, she’s not the only resident of Castle Dimitrescu. Not much is known about Alcina’s trio of deadly daughters who also call the castle home, so we figured it was high time to bring things back to ground level and shed just a little light on Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela. (But not too much light, though. They seem to prefer the dark.)

To find out more, we asked Resident Evil Village Director Morimasa Sato and Art Director Tomonori Takano about how the design of these three came together, including what inspired their creation, the initial concepts for their design, their obsession with “man blood”, and the fate of those who enter – but never leave – the foreboding Castle Dimitrescu.

Lady Dimitrescu has gotten a lot of attention on the road to launch. What has the dev team’s reaction been to this outpouring of support?

Sato: She was born from the desire to create a character with a lot of charisma, but we most definitely didn’t anticipate the outpour of positive reception towards her. The development team as a whole has been really surprised with everyone’s reaction.

Concept art for Alcina Dimitrescu, including color palette

Lady D’s wardrobe is inspired by styles from the 1960’s. What inspired the daughters’ fashion? 

Takano: Their dresses and shoes also reference the style of the 1960s. However, when we designed the family standing amongst each other, we wanted to make sure that Dimitrescu herself stood out amongst the crowd. As a result, we fitted the daughters with more orthodox black garb that is reminiscent of what you might imagine traditional witches wearing. If you look closely at the pattern of their dresses, you can see that it is finely embroidered with floral patterns of the Dimitrescu family crest.

Concept art for the Dimitrescu daughters

Was there a design reason the team settled on three daughters?

Sato: We had a central theme or focus when designing each location of the village. For the castle section, the central theme was creating “beautiful horror”. That gave birth to the idea of having multiple daughters appear, all wearing expressions of complete madness. From there, we created the setting that they inhabited different parts of the castle. After doing multiple simulations to determine the number and frequency in which Ethan encounters them, we ultimately concluded that having three of them would be the best game balance, and Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela were born.

How did each daughter’s backstory come about?

Sato: The general theme that we asked ourselves was what a beautiful, yet horrifying female antagonist would be like. That was the overall picture we were striving for. We wanted players to also easily differentiate exactly which daughter is chasing after Ethan at any given time, which is why we added

Super Animal Royale brings bonkers action to PS4 and PS5 later this year

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The Super Animals are migrating! After a cozy incubation period in early access on PC, where it’s received overwhelmingly positive reviews, Super Animal Royale is headed to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 later this year. Get ready to bite, claw, and shoot your way to the top of the food chain in the world’s most adorable fight to the death.

Super Animal Royale brings bonkers action to PS4 and PS5 later this year

Super Animal Royale is a 2D, top-down battle royale shooter, featuring 64-player brawls between critters wielding handguns, machine guns, hamster balls, and, um…bananas. There are more than 300 Super Animal breeds to create in the Research Lab and each can be personalized with more than 600 cosmetic items to collect. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a genetically fried Super Chicken wearing a banana suit and fighting with a fly swatter, you’re in luck.

Once your animal is ready for battle, it’s time to leap off the back of a Giant Eagle and use your umbrella to parachute down to a massive island with over 10 unique biomes to explore including the slippery footholds of Thomas’s Tundra and the blistering heat of Super Saharaland. Between looting and shooting, you’ll explore the ruins of the abandoned Super Animal World theme park, where the genetically modified Super Animals once delighted park guests with songs, jokes, and fine cuisine, and where today they’ll delight you with the kind of frenetic carnage you’d expect from heavily armed wild beasts.

Clues to how the park evolved from magical getaway to maniacal battlefield are scattered across the island for you to discover. But, an event the Super Animal World legal team cryptically refers to as “the incident” seems to have marked a turning point. Recently unearthed security footage, revealed for the first time in our trailer above, details the day a band of rebellious Super Animals took over the park, forever changing the island’s cheerful atmosphere, and with it Super Animal World’s business model.

Not content to let a little labor dispute sink their bottom line, the Super Animal World corporation made the kind of lemons-to-lemonade pivot that will be taught in business schools for decades. As popular as their genetically modified attractions were as charming mascots, they’ve proved even more popular as fearsome fighters.


Hood: Outlaws & Legends – 14 tips to pull off the perfect heist

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Jump back into the arena Destruction AllStars first post-launch season today

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Hey everyone, today’s the day – Season One Hotshots is now live in Destruction AllStars, exclusively on PS5! The team at Lucid are thrilled for you all to start getting your hands on what we’ve been working on these past few months and there’s still more to come. You’ll be seeing loads of new content making its way into the game over the coming months as part of Season One. We’ve got a brand new launch trailer to celebrate along with a road map detailing all the cool new stuff coming your way through the season.

Jump back into the arena Destruction AllStars first post-launch season today

Let’s dive into what’s new today. Our brand new AllStar, Alba, is now available for Destruction AllStars players. This veteran of the competition has returned to whip the AllStars into shape and she’s well equipped for the challenge with her high-tech battle suit. We gave an overview of her character ability and Hero Vehicle in our last blog post if you fancy doing some homework, or you can dive right into the game and get to grips with our latest AllStar.

Arriving alongside Alba is her Story Mode (formerly known as Challenge Series). Learn more about what motivates Alba as an AllStar and unlock exclusive cosmetic rewards as you compete in seven gameplay challenges. Some of these challenges are exclusive game modes that aren’t available in online multiplayer and can really test your skills in new ways. In an unexpected twist, Alba is facing off against all of the other AllStars. Be sure to complete the additional star challenges to unlock all the rewards.

Also arriving today is the AllStar Pass. This is a brand new way to earn cosmetic rewards in Destruction AllStars through online multiplayer*, no matter how you choose to play. Be sure to check out the new daily and weekly seasonal and sponsor challenges to give your AllStar Pass a boost.

Whilst today is bringing a lot to the arena, the fun doesn’t stop here. Photo Mode will be arriving very soon on May 19, offering you news ways to get up close and personal with the mayhem and destruction! Take it for a spin in single-player activities and look for that perfect angle on a wreck, evade or pose. 

After that, our brand new game mode Blitz will arrive on June 2. This game mode is all about team based coordination as four teams of thr

Paul George + PlayStation: Back together with the PG 5 PlayStation 5 Colorway

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Creating sneaker collaborations with PlayStation and Nike Basketball has been one of my favorite pastimes in recent years, and I’m so thankful to this community for supporting me and sharing in my passion. Like many of you, I’ve been a die-hard PlayStation fan all my life, so it’s an honor to introduce my newest creative project with my favorite brands: the PG 5 PlayStation 5 colorway.

Paul George + PlayStation: Back together with the PG 5 PlayStation 5 Colorway

Just like the PlayStation 5 console, the PG 5 is my platform to take my game to the next level, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring these two elements together in this new partnership with PlayStation. Nike and PlayStation designers, including Yujin Morisawa – the artist behind the PS5 console’s design – worked closely together to bring the spirit of my game and the look of PS5 to life in this unique collaboration. 

Here’s a peek at what you can expect to see in the design this time:

  • As with all my PlayStation collaborations, the tongues of the shoe have the PG and PlayStation logos on them.
  • The colors of the shoe are heavily inspired by the industrial design of the PS5 with references on the sock liner and outsoles.
  • It wouldn’t be a true collaboration with PlayStation if we didn’t include the iconic PlayStation shapes, which are spotted along each shoe in the same pattern as on the DualSense wireless controller. 

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