Severed Steel – a new FPS big on bullet time and stylish gunplay

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Hi, I’m Matt and I’m thrilled to announce my FPS project Severed Steel. Severed Steel is a single-player shooter featuring a fully destructible voxel environment, loads of bullet time, and a unique one-armed protagonist.

Severed Steel – a new FPS big on bullet time and stylish gunplay

Maybe the most unique aspect of Severed Steel is its protagonist, Steel. Steel loses her arm in an accident just before the start of the game. EdenSys, the gigantic corporation responsible for her injury, decides to abandon her rather than help. The campaign is about Steel liberating others crushed under the boot of EdenSys while seeking revenge for her abandonment. 

The missing arm concept came to me while thinking a lot about gameplay mechanics. I wanted to subvert the concept of reloading in shooting games, and I liked the concept of players constantly throwing, ditching, and picking up new weapons. I considered the idea of a one-armed character. Someone that would find creative ways to keep well-stocked with ammo in the midst of battle: rather than worry about reloading, they’d use their agility to steal weapons from enemies’ hands. Having a one-armed character who can’t reload opened a lot of unique gameplay. But the decision to have a protagonist with one arm meant I was dealing with a subject outside my own experience. And if the game were to star such a protagonist, it must be playable by people who can relate to Steel’s experience.

Before committing to the character design I researched what it is like to be a gamer with one arm. Through that I discovered a lot. For instance: Did you know there is a vibrant community on YouTube of highly skilled console FPS gamers who play with one arm? Taking my learnings from that, I made sure to include a custom button binding option to be dictated by the player. Once I was confident I could realize the character of Steel in an inclusive way, I committed to the design. 

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Share of the Week: Inspiring Women

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In celebration of International Women’s Day earlier this week, we asked you to share the amazing women in games that have inspired you over the years using #PSshare #PSblog. We didn’t just ask for your shares, but to tell us what about these heroines and anti-heroes struck a chord with you. Here are this week’s inspiring highlights: 

“Remaining strong after a great loss in her life, Aloy is nothing short of a strong heroine. All while projecting kindness to others. Something I relate to and try to do daily.” – @kaytanaa on Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn

“Lara Croft will always be special to me –  This character has genuinely helped and inspired me.” – @XxPAGZxX on Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider series

She is a supporting antagonist in Ghost of Tsushima.
She is not samurai, but she is a born killer. Strong & Beautiful.” – @azuazu1202luna on Tomoe from Ghost of Tshushima

“Jesse takes in so much and adjusts her perspective on reality without fully understanding what’s going on. All she knows is that if she doesn’t fix things, the world is in danger.” – @MdeavorVP on Jesse Faden from Control

“A unique female character that held her own with her brother and ended up becoming his savior from Jack the Ripper. She had strength, smarts & leadership skills. BONUS: We also got to play older Evie!” – @MisthosLiving on Evie Frye of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

“Seeing Raven overcome her past hardships and grow as a person was amazing to see and carries a meaningful message. Her teaming up with Kat in Gravity Rush 2 was one of the game’s highlights.” – @Draikin on Raven from Gravity Rush 2

“Not all strong women in video games need carry a weapon. Hailey Cooper is know in East Harlem for her talent

Crash 4 dev shares top 10 skins to celebrate launch on PS5

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Everybody’s favorite Bandicoot spins onto PlayStation 5 today with Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. The dev team at Toys for Bob is thrilled about the improved graphics and performance, DualSense controller features, and all the other enhancements on the way. Of course, Crash and Coco also have a host of colorful skins fans can unlock by playing. To mark the occasion, I run down my favorite outfits from Crash 4, in no particular order. 

Also, in celebration of Crash Bandicoot’s 25th anniversary, with the franchise’s original entry launching all the way back on the original PlayStation in 1996, players can enjoy the Bare Bones skins in Crash Bandicoot 4, available for free upon completion of the game’s second level.

That, of course, is in addition to the Time Shattering skins that players can get first on PlayStation (pictured at the top of this article).*

Through the Ringer Crash

The inspiration for this one was how at the end of every Jackie Chan movie, there were always out takes and bloopers where you would get to see how injured Jackie would get pulling off these incredible stunts.  So, we thought it would be fun to award a skin upon completion of the main story, showing that Crash and Coco “went through the ringer” and came out the other end of this adventure a little worse for wear.  I think this one is hilarious, and the stickers the art team added to the casts push it over the top for me.

General Rule Coco

This Skin is one of the many skins we added in the game that touch on a reference or idea from previous Crash Bandicoot games, but with a fun, unique Toys for Bob spin.  The idea behind this one was a fun “what if” scenario – What If Neo Cortex Successfully trained Crash and Coco to lead his mutant armies? What would they look like?  The concept for this is just so much fun with the old-school evil villain details all over – I especially love the Neo Cortex “N” on the brim of the hat and Coco’s boots here.

Skater XL reveals iconic Embarcadero Plaza level, available now

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What is up PlayStation fans!  We are very excited to be back on the blog, this time with the announcement of a new map that is near and dear to many skateboarder’s hearts. Skater XL has always been about giving access to skateboarding to as many people as possible, including the mechanics, culture, and history that makes skateboarding so special to so many.

When it comes to landmarks in skateboard history, you’d be hard pressed to find more hallowed ground than San Francisco’s Embarcadero Plaza during the 1990’s era. Everyday, SF locals and skaters from across the globe would come to EMB to write new pages in the book of skate history daily on the red bricks, stairs, blocks, ledges to the infamous ‘Gonz’ Gap.

Skater XL reveals iconic Embarcadero Plaza level, available now

Our ode to this era, is a tribute to this iconic location packed full of all of the features that made it famous. Created by the Easy Day team, this all new map is now available for download in the Mod Browser on PlayStation 4 consoles.

While we have added DIY elements around the map to include new lines and additional gameplay options, Embarcadero’s most notable features are true to the time and ready for you to make your mark.

The ‘Gonz’ Gap

Ollied for the first time and made famous by skateboard legend Mark ‘Gonz’ Gonzales in 1986, the ‘Gonz’ Gap became the proving ground for early ‘90s skateboarding.  From 1990 through 1996 there was almost no surer way of gaining legitimacy in skateboarding than to successfully land a trick over ‘The Gonz.’ Find the ‘Gonz’ Gap above the “wave” wall, and put your name into the digital skate history books.

The Fountain

Easily one of the most recognizable features of the Embarcadero Plaza, the Vaillancourt Fountain is appealing both for its aesthetics and its skateability.  Grind the surrounding ledges, or skate them as manual pads. We have also added a skateable brick bank and a little surprise coming out of the pond.


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