8 tips to conquer Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground

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Welcome to the Mortal Realms! With Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground, we at Gasket want to bring dynamic turn-based combat with strategic depth, where every piece at your command can be used in a variety of ways during fast-paced, decisive matches. With our game releasing tomorrow, we can’t wait to see you in the ever-changing realms. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out our latest Overview Trailer to learn more about the freedom of playstyles, with a huge variety of approaches to every army and battle.

Whether playing through the endlessly replayable solo campaigns with roguelike mechanics or fighting online against other players for dominance in online PvP matches, you’ll discover a wealth of challenges, rich mechanics, and customization options. Here are some tips on how to overcome your foes and survive in the brutal environment of the Mortal Realms.

Consider your positioning carefully

Unit adjacency bonuses will affect armor, damage, and health. Hills, hazards, and other units all affect the outcome of combat. If you step up to attack a squad while standing next to a hazard, you might find yourself knocked into it on the next turn. You can mitigate this by positioning troops to prevent enemies from occupying the spaces that would allow that position; it can be worth giving up a potential attack if it means protecting your hero from death.

Experiment with different troop synergies, wargear, and skills

Ranged units like Castigators and Chainghasts can be modified to penetrate armour, increase damage, or set fire to their targets. Heavily modified units do cost more to field, so sometimes it can be worth keeping a slot empty in order to field them earlier. Battle after battle, you will learn about the enemy’s weaknesses and equip your units for the dangers that await you. Sometimes a simple skill swap is enough to make the difference between victory and defeat.

Your economy matters

Power lets you field units and Divine Acts, but unspent power converts to Aethyr which lets you use magical abilities with your fielded troops. Do you field early troops to let you capture wellsprings that raise your power and aether resources, or d

PlayStation Plus games for June: Operation: Tango, Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown, Star Wars: Squadrons

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Cooperative futuristic espionage, remastered martial arts mayhem and dogfights in a galaxy far, far away await you thanks to the PlayStation Plus game lineup for June. New titles Operation: Tango and Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown make their PlayStation debut, while Star Wars Squadrons gives you the chance to pilot iconic starcraft like the X-wing and TIE fighter.

All three games will be available to play for PlayStation Plus members on Tuesday, June 1. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

PlayStation Plus games for June: Operation: Tango, Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown, Star Wars: Squadrons

Operation: Tango | PS5 version only* 

Team up to save the world in this cooperative spy adventure, challenging you and a friend to join up online** to complete dangerous missions across the globe in a high-tech near-future world. Combine skill sets from different points of view – playing either Hacker or Agent – to overcome asymmetrical challenges, working in tandem with only your voice to link you. Teamwork is crucial, and communication is key! Note: Operation: Tango requires both players to have access to a working microphone. 

Operation Tango will be available to PlayStation Plus members until Monday, July 5.

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown | PS4

Sega’s iconic one-on-one battler gets a feature-rich remaster, overseen by Yakuza and Judgment developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. Debuting on PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, both Virtua Fighter veterans and newcomers will be able to test all-new online modes such as ranked matches, tournaments and leagues, while enjoying overhauled visuals and redesigned UI. There’s no better way to enjoy this groundbreaking fighting series.

The game will not only be available on PlayStation Plus for about two months – June and July – but it’ll also be releasing on PlayStation Now in June! PlayStation Plus members can enter Virtua Fighter 5’s arenas starting Tuesday, June 1.

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown will be available to PlayStation Plus members until Monday, August 2.

First-ever Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event airs June 23

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After an intense 11 days, qualifying for the Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event is now over and we can reveal the 16 Gran Turismo Sport players who will be racing for glory in the final that will be broadcast on Olympic Day, June 23.

With fractions of a second being squeezed out daily from the Tokyo Expressway South Inner Loop in the Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept Gr.3, the action went down to the wire to finalise the top 16 of the Global Online Qualification event. But at the top of that exclusive list, the fastest time was set with three days of the time trial still to go when Italy’s Valerio Gallo (Williams_BRacer) recorded a 1’55.046. His stunning lap held off challenges from second-placed Andrew Brooks (PX7-Deafsun) from Canada who set a 1’55.098 with one day of the event left and France’s Baptiste Beauvois (R8G_TSUTSU) whose 1’55.102 with 12 hours to spare secured him the third qualifying spot for the final.

They will enter the Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event as favourites, but with less than four-tenths of a second separating the 16 qualifiers from all over the world, the stage is set for some ultra-close racing to decide our winner.

With Gallo Europe’s fastest and Brooks heading the North American table, Japan’s Takuma Miyazono (Kerokkuma_ej20) (1’55.109) was Asia’s fastest. Angel Inostroza (YASHEAT_Loyrot) (1’55.117) from Chile took the honours for Central & South America with Australia’s Adam Wilk (Adam_2167) (1’55.249) taking the only place in the final for the Oceania region. Check out the 16 best qualifying times at the end of this article.

Announced in April, the Olympic Virtual Series is a new initiative from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). They have partnered with five international sports federations and corresponding games publishers to create virtual events in Baseball, Cycling, Rowing, Sailing, and Motor Sport.

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and Polyphony Digital Inc. were proud to be chosen to create the Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event on Gran Turismo Sport.

Seven countries from the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region will be represented in the final along with the top four from Asia, one from Oceania, two from North America and two from Central & South America. See you on June 23 when the event streams live on PlayStation’s Twitch channel.

Red Bull Capture Point winners announced

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PlayStation users – wow, did you deliver and provide some of the best in-game photography to date! Today Red Bull Capture Point, this year’s brand-new competition highlighting the creativity of gamers in the United States, came to a conclusion and awarded winners in six categories who played, captured, and submitted incredible in-game photos of select PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 titles. Over the last several months, contestants submitted photos snapped from Demon’s Souls, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and The Last of Us Part II for the chance to win some spectacular prizes and be featured in an in-person gallery in New York as well as a virtual exhibition experience.

Red Bull Capture Point competitors were asked to take and submit up to 18 in-game photos across five, award-winning PlayStation titles, using each title’s in-game photo mode and the Share/Create button. Winners were judged and chosen by a panel of experts, including top video game creatives and developers from each of the participating studios, who determined the top photographer in six unique categories:

Category Winners

Winners in each category receive a PS5 console (with Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive) and various accessories including a Red Bull Trophy, one DualSense wireless controller, one DualSense Charging Station, one Pulse 3D Headset, one 12-month PlayStation Plus Subscription, one 12-month PlayStation Now Subscription, an unlock of one copy of five yet to be released PlayStation Studio Games upon release, and advancement to the Best of Show competition at the Capture Point Digital Gallery Experience.

The Great Outdoors – @DeSKA0209

Emotions Run High@Spooked_gamer

This Is Fun – @BetweenDPixels

Frozen In Time@NoviKaiba23

Catch The Light @theotherlaser

Edge of Realityccf_photomode

Dreams Community convention DreamsCom returns for 2021

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Hello, CoMmunity! Last year, we held the first-ever DreamsCom, a community convention dedicated to showing off a ton of the brilliant creators and creations in the Dreamiverse. We thought it turned out to be a pretty fun experience – and you seemed to agree. Classic us, being on the same page with stuff.

So, yes: DreamsCom returns this year. We’re thrilled to be doing this again, and we’re determined to make this year’s show even better than the last. You can expect even more to play, watch, read, create and get involved in.

“But wise people of Media Molecule!,” we hear you cry. “How will I know where to start when browsing the show floor and in-game playlists?” It’s an excellent (and flattering) question, and one that we’ve anticipated. This year, we’ll be bringing you multiple days of official DreamsCom coverage live on stream, courtesy of our new editorial brand The Impsider. We’ll be kicking off proceedings with a livestream, in which we’ll give you an advance look at the week of DreamsCom broadcasts ahead, on Tuesday July 27 at 5PM BST / 9am PST via our Twitch channel.

The very next day, on Wednesday July 28, we’ll open up the DreamsCom ‘21 show floor, which is – you guessed it – entirely #MadeInDreams! Like last year, you’ll be able to wander about the halls and visit creators’ booths to check out all the amazing stuff you’ve seen on stream for yourself. The expo will run until Monday 2nd August to give you plenty of time to look around, admire everybody’s handiwork, and snap a bunch of photos.

From Wednesday July 28 until Friday July 30, you can tune in to our Twitch channel to catch us playing and chatting about some of the DreamsCom creations we’re most excited about, as part of The Impsider’s extended DreamsCom coverage. We’ll also be running developer sessions in which we interview dreamers about their work, their creative inspirations, and possibly even their favorite type of biscuit if we start running out of grown-up questions. Hopefully this should give DreamsCom visitors a few ideas for what they might like to check out first at the expo.

After all, we’re hoping that – like last year – it’s going to be packed to the rafters with bright, brilliant booths… made by YOU! This is your open invitation to exhibit at DreamsCom 2021 by customising a booth to represent your in-development projects or in-Dreams studios on the show floor.

Fancy becoming an exhibitor? We’ve made it simple for you: we’ve released a remixable booth template into the Dreamiverse, and it’s available right now. You can also find the template in Dreams by searching “DreamsCom 21 Booth Template.” You’ll be able to customise it to your liking to really represent what kind of creator you are. We’ve also provided an Mm-created collection of fun and conventional – get it? – props to include, if you’d like something to get your creative juices flowing.

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