Abandoned, a cinematic survival sim, hits PS5 later this year

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Hello everyone! I’m Hasan Kahraman from Blue Box Game Studios based in The Netherlands. The team and I are working on our new title, coming exclusively to PS5 this year and I can’t wait to show off some gameplay footage from the game in action. However, since the game is at an early development stage, I wanted to announce the game today and show off a little announcement teaser we made.

Abandoned is a cinematic, first-person horror survival shooter set in a highly detailed open world environment and favours a realistic approach to survival. 

Abandoned, a cinematic survival sim, hits PS5 later this year

The story

The story is centered around Jason Longfield, who wakes up in a strange forest. Abandoned and not remembering how he got there, Jason soon finds out that he was kidnapped and brought there for a dark purpose. Fighting for his survival, his main goal is escape. 

Realistic character interaction

We want to deliver a uniquely personal gameplay experience, one that feels realistic. Every event has an influence on your character. If Jason is out of breath after sprinting (or is afraid), his firing accuracy will suffer. Unlike action shooter titles, firing weapons in Abandoned will be realistically slow. You will need to be tactical in order to survive. 

The development

Our studio is focused on crafting a cinematic style, first-person story. This is no fast-paced shooter in which you just run, aim and shoot. Abandoned requires you to hide and plan every shot before pulling the trigger. We want you to be nervous come each and every enemy encounter. To be aware that a wrong move can be the deciding factor between surviving a combat scenario or not.

Immersion through the DualSense wireless controller and 3D audio 

We wanted to emphasise realism through user immersion. This would not be possible without the DualSense wireless controller. Players will feel each and every interaction during gameplay – such as being struck by a bullet. Pulling the trigger on a loaded or unloaded gun will feel different. Equally 3D audio will help shape your decisions and tactics, using the accurate positioning of gunshots out in the wilds to help decide your next move. 

The power of PS5

Our team is still unravelling the power of PS5 but we’ve made amazing progress so far. The console allows us to process high quality motion capture, all running at 60 FPS and rendered at a native

Curse of the Dead Gods welcomes Dead Cells into its Temple

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Curse of the Dead Gods released on PlayStation 4 last month, and all of us here at Passtech Games have been glued to our screens watching all your amazing footage, feedback, and reactions. As thankful as we are for the response, we’re equally excited to show you new things. Today, we’re doing a deep dive into how we crafted the Curse of the Dead Cells Update, a collaboration between us and Dead Cells’ developers, Motion Twin and Evil Empire.

Death in Curse is the gift that keeps on giving, and in this new update, we’re excited to deliver new ways for you to reach your unique fate. To that end, we’ve added new weapons, originally from Dead Cells, the Cursed Chest, and the Prisoner’s head skin for McCallister, Curse of the Dead Gods’ main character. 

From a game design perspective it was a very interesting challenge because it meant taking elements of two similar but also different games and mashing them together. This also goes for the artistic direction, where Dead Cells has a somewhat cartoony, comedic vibe, which isn’t present in Curse. In Dead Cells for example, the Cursed Chest speaks to the player, pleading them to open it. This didn’t work as well for Curse, so we changed it to something we believe is true to both worlds – slightly less comedic, but still somewhat alien and quirky. We were also aware that some players don’t like crossovers, since it can pull them out of the world. That’s why we wanted to keep the content lore-friendly and fit the general vibe of Curse as well. Each new item and mechanic introduced in this update fits into our universe.

Curse of the Dead Gods

Deciding which weapons to take from Dead Cells was a fun process. We started with a rather long list of badass Dead Cells weapons and then filtered it down until we had only the most iconic ones that also made the most sense for Curse: The Broadsword, the Cursed Sword, and the Explosive Crossbow. The crossbow is an entirely new weapon in Curse, which made it even more alluring to us. The Cursed Sword was a must, for obvious reasons. In Curse, we called these weapons the Broadsword of the Knight, the Sword of Conjunctivius, and the Crossbow of the Condemned. Both swords have the same effect as in Dead Cells. The Sword of Conjunctivius (see screenshot below) is a real devil – get hit once, and you’re toast. On the other hand, it’s very powerful. If that doesn’t fit Curse’s penchant for tempting players to their own doom, we don’t know what does!

Curse of the Dead Gods

We took some liberties with the Cursed Chest. In Curse, there used to be two ways to get a cursed item (weapon or relic): get one at a starting altar or buy one at a sanctuary. Now, the Cursed Chest from Dead Cells gives you a third way. In Dead Cells, when you open a cursed chest, you are inflicted with a curse that lasts until you kill a certain number of enemies. We reinvented this mechanic to fit into Curse: to unlock the chest you have to kill a certain number of enemies in the room without getting hit. Fail, and the chest goes poof. Rather than simply give you a cursed item, the Cursed Chest presents you with a choice of three items, one of which is always cursed.

Curse of the Dead Gods

We hope you all enjoyed this insight into how we brought a slice of Dead Cells into our own Curse of the Dead Gods. It was a pleasure t

Street Fighter V Spring Update brings news on the hermit Oro and Soul-Powered Rose

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Hey there PlayStation Nation! We hope that everyone has been enjoying Dan, the new V-Shift mechanic, and the major Battle Balance updates that came with the kickoff of Season 5. We are thankful for all your support with the new content so far.

Now we’re back with the Street Fighter V Spring Update to give you the scoop on Rose, Oro, and a special look at the fourth character, Akira. Let’s dive into what was revealed during the Street Fighter V Spring Update. 

For the full picture, check out the Spring Update video below: 

Street Fighter V Spring Update brings news on the hermit Oro and Soul-Powered Rose

Oro, the wandering hermit, appears in SFV


Making his return from Street Fighter III, Oro is coming equipped with his classic moveset along with a handful of new ones. He even retains his one-armed combat style. However, unlike SFIII where he sealed one of his arms, here he is holding his new turtle pet during combat. While Oro is not playable in SFV quite yet, he’s not a stranger to the rest of the cast, having appeared multiple times in other characters’ stories already: 

He has appeared in Menat’s story, as well as Dhalsim’s

Here’s a deeper look into Oro’s moves and what he’s bringing to the ring. 

One of Oro’s classic moves, the leap attack, will avoid the opponent’s low attacks and lead to a counter hit when timed correctly. He is also able to perform his patented double jump, which gives him a breadth of offensive and defensive opportunities whether it’s shortening the gap from the opponent or changing his landing point.

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DC Universe Online introduces World of Flashpoint April 15

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The next episode for DC Universe Online is World of Flashpoint, launching April 15, 2021. Explore events surrounding one of the most legendary DC storylines, Flashpoint, and its time-twisted versions of your favorite DC characters. It will be up to you and your allies to set the timeline right!

World of Flashpoint

In this expansion, Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father), Emperor Aquaman, Flashpoint Wonder Woman, and more are desperately fighting in a falling world. Atlantis and Themyscira are at war. A violent Batman embraces his darker side, seeking vengeance for his family while protecting a somehow-even-more-crime-riddled Flashpoint Gotham City. 

In addition to engaging with these new characters, you will also earn villainous gear based on Heat Wave, a boss you’ll fight in the episode, and Doomsday, who you’ll face in the open world. 

Heat Wave


World of Flashpoint is inspired by the events of DC’s Flashpoint storyline. However, this episode represents only a small slice of that entire epic. Your Super Hero or Super-Villain will experience the realities of this timeline and witness some of the most essential moments and challenges while striving to set things right. 

Want to know more? We drew inspiration from the below DC comics, and highly recommend them all as you prepare for launch on April 15. 

  • Flashpoint #1 – #5
  • Flashpoint: Batman – Knight of Vengeance #1 – #3
  • Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #1 – #3

Welcome to DC Universe Online

New to the game? In DC Universe Online, you create your own unique Super Hero or Super-Villain in the legendary DC universe. Fight alongside hundreds of iconic DC characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman as well as thousands of other players. Level up your powers, master movement modes like flight, learn powerful attacks, and swoop into skillful action combat using a variety of weapons, gadgets, and artifacts.

Drawing on comic book storylines from the entire history of DC, your adventures are vast, varied, and always growing. World of Flashpoint is our 40th episode, with no end in sight.

Borderlands 3’s variety-packed Director’s Cut DLC hits April 8

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You’ve heard this before, but it bears repeating: every single video game launch is a minor miracle. So many decisions have to be made. So much content has to be completed. So many variables have to fall perfectly into place. For massive triple-A titles like Borderlands 3, releasing a final product requires years of dedication and perseverance. Increasingly, though, launch is not the end – it’s only the beginning.

While Borderlands 3 is not technically a “live service” game, we have treated it as such to make sure that each week it’s a better game than it was the week before. To keep this looter shooter alive and thriving, we have relied on the passion and determination of our incredible development teams, who’ve kept development happening against the backdrop of a pandemic that fundamentally changed the way we needed to work.

Later this week, more than 18 months since the base game launched on PlayStation 4, we plan to release the Director’s Cut add-on for Borderlands 3 on April 8, introducing a brand new raid boss, a series of murder mystery missions, new daily and weekly challenges via Vault Cards, and a cache of never-before-seen, behind the scenes content, not to mention new Legendary gear and cosmetic items. To mark the occasion, we wanted to look back at everything we’ve released since launch and pull back the curtain on what it takes to keep a triple-A game feeling fresh. 

Broadly speaking, we’ve been guided by three major goals since launch. First, to continue to polish and improve the game by addressing reported performance issues. Second, to strive to maintain a balanced experience so that build diversity could flourish at the end-game. And finally, to deliver a variety of new content, whether free or as part of a paid campaign DLC, at a consistent cadence.

That first goal is the most straightforward of the three. Nearly every single week since launch (up to and including this week), we’ve released a hotfix to adjust the content that’s already available. We’ve also added numerous quality of life improvements, such as more backpack and bank space, expanded ammo storage, and performance and UI improvements. In effort to be transparent, update notes are always available on

Yes, a few updates saw us remove power from over-performing gear or skills, but far more often, we buffed gear and characters. We made all of these changes with the goal of improving the long-term health of the Borderlands 3 experience. We always want that experience to feel both challenging and rewarding. From the beginning, this has been our guiding light when approaching the adjustments we’ve made to the balance of the game.

While these weekly updates often stem from our own internal play-testing and the direction of our live team, they just as often result from fan feedback. Have you ever wondered, “Do developers actually read their games’ subreddits?” Well, the answer is: yes, of course! We read all those critiques, as we know those comments come from the most passionate members of our community.

Those weekly adjustments keep us plenty busy, but the real work – and the real joy of Borderlands 3 – comes from that third goal: releasing a variety of new content. And when I say variety, I really, really mean it. In the first year after launch, we released four story-driven campaign add-ons that ranged from a cosmic horror rom-com to a gritty western tale to a space casino super heist to a journey into the broken psyche of a psycho. After that, we release


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