Resident Evil Village: new gameplay details on Shadows of Rose story DLC

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Hello PlayStation fans! I’m Tsuyoshi Kanda, Producer of Resident Evil Village. Today, I wanted to share more information with you about the Winters’ Expansion DLC and Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, which includes both the base game and Winters’ Expansion. 

Resident Evil Village: new gameplay details on Shadows of Rose story DLC

First, I’d like to kick things off with the new Story DLC, “Shadows of Rose”. Rose was just a baby when her father, Ethan Winters, saved her, putting his own life on the line in the process. This story DLC will feature Rose 16 years after the events of the original story, now fighting for her survival. The game takes place in the Realm of Consciousness of the “Megamycete”. 

This Realm is a world where many traps and monstrosities lurk. However, Rose can only carry a handgun, a little bit of ammo, and first aid med… 

With little resources in hand, Rose needs to use the very powers she desperately wants to rid herself of. Her unusual abilities can stop enemies for a while, and can also be used to destroy obstacles in her way.

By using Rose’s power effectively, you can take careful aim at an enemy’s weakness. Please enjoy experiencing the new survival style for Rose.

One of the terrifying enemies that Rose will encounter is known as a Face Eater. This is a dangerous creature that lurks in the Realm of Consciousness, and can steal the life from other living beings. Once one capture Rose, she’ll take a significant amount of damage, so do everything you can to avoid them!

Now, let’s move on to the Third Person Mode. This mode was something that fans were requesting since the launch of th

Street Fighter 6: new World Tour, Battle Hub details, four legendary faces join the roster

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Street Fighter 6 entered the Tokyo Game Show ring and left with multiple knockout reveals worthy of a championship. We revealed details on World Tour where you can create your own avatar and truly customize your Street Fighter 6 experience. Bring that avatar into the Battle Hub and party it up with the community in amusing ways. Iconic World Warriors Ken, Blanka, Dhalsim, and E. Honda are punching their tickets into the vibrant roster of playable characters. And finally, get your hands on Street Fighter 6 with the Closed Beta. Learn more about these stadium-sized announcements below!

Street Fighter 6: new World Tour, Battle Hub details, four legendary faces join the roster

Your Avatar. Your World Tour.

When we first revealed World Tour back in June, we said it would be an immersive single-player story mode that would push the boundaries of what a fighting game is. And here we are!

Your first destination will be Buckler Security, located in Metro City. This company trains new recruits in security detail. Here, Luke will act as your coach as you sign up for the basic training course, and this is where your story begins.

World Tour offers the most robust Avatar Creation feature that stretch the limit of what a character creation tool can do. There are tons of customization options to reflect your personal style and flair.

The avatar creation menu contains several pages of options you can tweak. Choose your avatar’s body type with Height & Proportions, Upper Body, Lower Body, Muscle Definition, Skin Color, and Body Hair. In the Muscle Definition category, you can freely select what your avatar’s body will look like from Shredded, to Built, to Soft, and anywhere in between. 

Then go into even more detail with categories like Hair, Eye Shape, Iris, Eyebrows, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Facial Hair, and more! Each of these categories then contains a multitude of sliders that can change your avatar with the finest detail – we’re talking cheek depth, jaw length, and even creating an ombre effect with your avatar’s hair! 

You can also change your avatar’s Gear so they always have the latest drip as they’re roaming the world. Visit shops to buy Gear for your wardrobe so you can strut the latest fashion trends or stick to your own style. You can check

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection arrives on PC October 19, 2022

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Grab your passports, fortune hunters! We’re honored to announce that Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection arrives on PC October 19th. PC gamers will be able to experience Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer’s globe-trotting adventures in this collection that includes the remastered and PC-optimized, full-length, single-player games, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

It’s been a thrilling adventure with our partners at Iron Galaxy as we explored Uncharted territory for our studio’s first PC title. Iron Galaxy’s immense talent and meticulous attention to detail make both games in this collection truly shine on PC!

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection arrives on PC October 19, 2022

Whether you’re a first-timer or experienced Uncharted player, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection showcases plenty of new PC features to make your adventure epic – and absolutely stunning.

This version of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is optimized for PC with PC-centric quality-of-life enhancements such as reimagined UI, scale sliders, GPU and VRAM detection, Variable Load Speed, and so much more. 

Discover the breathtaking sights with enhanced visual fidelity. Immerse yourself in the cinematic storytelling with super-sharp true 4K resolutions*. From thick jungles to snow-capped mountains, exotic islands to rain-soaked streets, take in all the views of Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection’s stunning environments with Ultra-Wide Monitor support**. For the first time, enjoy a host of graphical adjustment features designed specifically for PC such as adjustable Texture and Model Quality, Anisotropic Filtering, Shadows, Reflections, and Ambient Occlusion. 

PC players may play their way with all new controls and customization options for Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. Experience haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects designed for Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection by playing with the  DualSense controller through a wired connection to your PC. With support for the DualShock 4 controller***, a wide range of other gamepads and keyboard and mouse, you can leave your mark on the map any way you like and further customize your experience with full control remapping, controller icon lock, and ignore input options. For those that want to brighten things up even more try out RGB support for Razer Chroma peripherals and Chroma Link compatible devices, as well as for Logitech and Corsair models.

Award-winning point & click adventure Norco comes to PlayStation October 20

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Hi, I’m Yuts, a member of a small game studio called Geography of Robots. We recently released our first game Norco, a point-and-click narrative adventure set in the swamps, refineries, and suburbs of South Louisiana. The game takes inspiration from first-person pixel adventures like Rise of the Dragon, Snatcher, Deja Vu, and more recent titles like VA-11 HA-11 A. Some have also compared it to Kentucky Route Zero due to its surreal Southern themes and the “literary” tone of its writing.

The game has its roots in a Louisiana history project I was conducting with a friend in the years after Hurricane Katrina. I was learning a bit of pixel art at the time and decided to apply some of our research to a classic adventure game format. This experiment quickly took on a life of its own. It got some attention on Twitter, which is how our publisher Raw Fury found out about it. Signing with them opened up lots of opportunities that I never would have imagined, like winning the first-ever Tribeca Festival Games Award and being selected for the PlayStation Indie Fund.

Norco’s story follows a young woman named Kay who returns to her hometown of Norco, Louisiana following her mom’s death. She soon discovers that her brother’s gone missing, leading her down a rabbit hole populated by an influencer messageboard cult, fugitive robots, drainage ditch prophets, giant sentient birds, and other colorful characters. 

The game is more of a psychedelic tour of Louisiana’s River Parish region than a straight adventure, though you’ll encounter puzzles and quests along the way. It borrows heavily from reality. Norco itself is a real community. It’s where I grew up. It’s a lovely town but is also wedged between two massive petrochemical facilities. It has a complicated history, as does much of the region outside New Orleans. We try to explore all these topics in our own way.

One thing I recommend while playing through the game is to listen closely to the soundscape. The sound designers worked carefully to create a convincing ambiance, collecting field recordings of wetlands, native bird species, insects, and more. We tried to be equally intentional with the artwork. We explored the locations that inspired the game on foot, taking lots of reference photographs at various times of day and often redrawing scenes from scratch multiple times to get it right. 

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Neon-folk survival horror Saturnalia comes to PS4 and PS5 next month

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They say it takes a village…and when it came to creating the village of Gravoi, that’s more than true. Saturnalia is a cultural mosaic, inspired in equal parts by cinema, theater, and even architecture—as well as classic video games that emphasize survival and exploration. The result is a deeply textured and thematically rich world, one that reflects a true-to-life influence while ultimately remaining otherworldly.

Neon-folk survival horror Saturnalia comes to PS4 and PS5 next month

Where Reality Meets the Surreal

Once the team at Santa Ragione knew the game was to be set in the Sardinian region of Italy—a location not often represented in popular media—we understood we had a responsibility to the beautiful locales and authentic culture of the area. At the same time, our vision was for a horror story with a supernatural influence, necessitating an imaginative leap from the real world into something else altogether. That’s how Gravoi came to be: a fictional dreamscape that reflects the real Sardinia while standing on its own as a distinct and eerie setting.

The team conducted extensive location scouting throughout the island, taking countless photos and videos of villages and towns throughout Sardinia, from the ancient church of Bosa to the abandoned mines of Monteponi. With these resources in hand, we were able to meticulously design the town of Gravoi and its many unique twists and turns. 

A figure use the flame of a matchstick to study an etched map.

With the aim of creating a procedurally-generated layout capable of reorienting itself once certain in-game conditions are met, the designers worked hard to ensure that each cobblestone sidestreet and narrow alleyway felt distinct and lived-in. The cathedral, storefronts and architecture that make up Gravoi are at once familiar and totally unique. But establishing a three-dimensional setting is only part of the storytelling process.

The neon-folk effect

The art style of Saturnalia brings many descriptors to mind. Colorful, kaleidoscopic, or maybe picturesque? All of these are accurate, but they only begin to explain the depth and range of influences that contributed to the aesthetic that defines the visuals of Saturnalia.

From the outset, we had a very clear inspiration in mind for both the story and the look of Saturnalia: giallo cinema, the classic Italian horror films that rose to prominence in the 60’s and 70’s due to the bracing and innovative work from the likes of Dario Argento a


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