Share of the Week: Horizon Forbidden West

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It’s been one amazing year of players enjoying the world of Horizon Forbidden West, so last week we asked you to share your favorite moments on Aloy’s journey using #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are this week’s Aloy-focused shares:

calisarah1998 shares Aloy in a white and yellow helmet, with a red-eyed machine behind her out of focus.

JO_yamayama shares Aloy attacking in the middle of a yellow sunray

sorathluna shares Aloy drawing her bow in a turquoise blue set of armor

_Reydlacruz shares Aloy swimming with her diving mask, surrounded by yellow fish

DexM_ds shares Aloy seated in the jungle in a red armor set

renanvp008 shares a close up of Aloy with her Focus lit up

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THEME: The Last of Us Part I – Left Behind
SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on March 1, 2023

Next week, we’re headed back to the mall with Ellie and Riley in The Last of Us Part I’s extra chapter, Left Behind. Share your favorite Left Behind moments using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.

A nitty gritty look at PowerWash Simulator’s Final Fantasy VII content, out March 2

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In Midgar, the slums bustle with people, mako reactors smolder, and the soil turns to dust; carried by breezes flowing through smog-filled air. The whole place could use a good hose down. Through the fog, a new hero emerges, clad in blue, wielding… a powerwasher. 

Okay, so, you might not be able to cleanse the world of the Shinra scourge, but you can just straight up cleanse the world! Whilst Avalanche deals with Shinra, you’ll deal with the fallout. The only power struggle you’re tasked with is keeping hold of that washer.  

We are proud to have worked with the Final Fantasy VII team to transport PowerWash Simulator players to one of gaming’s most recognisable cities, in a fresh and authentic way. Players will fall in love with it once more in the new Midgar Special Pack, releasing March 2.  

Free to all owners of PowerWash Simulator, the expansion features five filthy new maps to wash and explore, including iconic locations, vehicles and mechs. I’ll pass over to some of FuturLab’s designers, who worked on the Midgar Special Pack, to provide a closer look at the inspiration behind two of the levels, the Scorpion Sentinel and Seventh Heaven. 

The Mighty Scorpion Sentinel 

One of the most memorable boss fights in Final Fantasy VII is without a doubt the Scorpion Sentinel, making it a perfect job for the Midgar Special Pack. The player will encounter the Sentinel before its deployment against the members of Avalanche, and here it is seen to have been put through a series of tests by Shinra to evaluate its various defensive capabilities. 

We’ve represented a variety of scratches and projectile ricochet marks via a new Battle Damage dirt type. Additionally, the Scorpion Sentinel bears the consequences of a test with one of Professor Hojo’s specimens, as seen from the splats of bio residue present all around the machine from this creature’s attacks. As the Sentinel is powered by Mako energy (my favourite new dirt type), we have deposited it in key areas to illustrate how the Sentinel had been pushed to its limits. The rest of the dirt is mostly grime that accumulated during the various trials the Scorpion Sentinel underwent. 

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Resident Evil 4 trailer debuts new action gameplay, announces Mercenaries mode, demo

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Hi PlayStation Blog readers. I’m Edvin Edsö, Promotion Producer of Resident Evil 4. We just released the latest trailer for Resident Evil 4 during today’s State of Play show. If you haven’t seen it yet, please check it out below!

In this trailer, you see Leon in various situations throughout his fight for survival. For those of you who played the original game, you might recognize some of the scenes. Drama! Action! New gameplay! Let us know what secrets you found hidden within the new footage.

Wayfinder: PS4 and PS5 players get exclusive Early Access to the character-based online RPG in May 

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Hello Wayfinders! We are thrilled to partner with PlayStation to bring Wayfinder exclusively to Early Access on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Season 1 of Early Access begins in May 2023, and our Founders Pack Program comes with it. Want to jump into the world of Evenor before that? Our next Beta playtest starts on February 28, 2023 for PS5 players with our final Closed playtest in March for PS4 and PS5, so make sure you’re signed up on the official Wayfinder website for a chance to get in.

Wayfinder: PS4 and PS5 players get exclusive Early Access to the character-based online RPG in May 

In case you missed our reveal at The Game Awards, let’s bring you up to speed! Wayfinder is a character-based, online action-RPG that takes place in a shared online world that we call Evenor. Evenor has been shattered by a destructive and chaotic force called The Gloom and you must harness the power of a Wayfinder to control the Chaos. You’ll join forces with friends to strengthen your powers and embark on endless adventures as you discover Evenor, Lost Zones, and resources to craft new items, weapons and Wayfinders.

Caption: A montage pan of just some of the different locations in the game.

Your game begins with choosing a Wayfinder. Upon finding one that fits your play style, you’re ready to embark on your journey against the Gloom, a mysterious force that has brought corruption and chaos to the world.

Caption: A montage pan of just some of the different locations in the game.

Adventures start in Skylight, the game’s social space and Evenor’s last Beacon of hope. Here you’ll be able to recruit other players, visit your apartment, and craft new gear and Wayfinders you’ve rescued from the Gloom to play for the journey ahead. 

Leaving Skylight, you’ll quickly encounter public events and world bosses waiting to be taken down. The Highlands is a large, open space zone filled with other Wayfinders. You’ll make new friends while completing quests, fighting world bosses, and gathering resources.

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