A closer look at the chaotic, compelling gameplay of SpiderHeck

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Hello, Heckstars! It’s Sergey from tinyBuild here, and today I’m incredibly excited to tell you more about our upcoming fast-paced, physics-based, couch multiplayer brawler SpiderHeck.

So, how can I describe SpiderHeck to you? In all honesty, it’s so epic, it’s unexplainable. You need to play it for yourself to get where I’m coming from. Because if you put seven-legged spiders (does it make them spiders in this case?), particle blades, laser blasters, rocket launchers, lots of enemies and your friends together, and top that with the physic-based environments and battle mechanics, mind blowing web slinging parkour moves and close calls – that sounds like a crazy hectic game.

But it’s the chaos that makes SpiderHeck so much fun! As the saying goes – a picture is worth a thousand words, so check out the new gameplay trailer below.

A closer look at the chaotic, compelling gameplay of SpiderHeck

Seven-legged heroes

You play as one the awesome spiders and your main goal is to survive for as long as possible. Use your surroundings, a vast weapon arsenal and web slinging skills to overcome your foes (and even friends).

You can also customize your spiders by adjusting their colors and hats to battle in style.

Battle Arenas and Enemies

SpiderHeck features several maps and arenas to battle. Some of them are relatively simple and static, while others feature moving elevators, floating islands and lava walls all around the place! And let’s not forget that spiders can end up in zero gravity levels?!

As I mentioned before, your main goal is to survive and beco

DreamsCom returns starting May 26

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Hey there! Tom from Media Molecule here, who’s very happy to announce the return of Dreams’ annual virtual exhibition show: DreamsCom. An event that puts the Dreams Community front and center, giving everyone in the Dreamiverse a chance to showcase who they are in Dreams from game developers to music makers to streamers to film makers and everything in between.

DreamsCom ‘22 opens its doors this summer, and as I type this the team are hard at work designing this year’s show. Of course, an incredibly important part of DreamsCom is the community booths and showcases. So today, we’re excited to kick-start the creation phase for anyone and everyone to get involved in. We’ll go into a bit more detail of what’s different this year, but if you can’t wait to dive in, head to our website to get started.

The creation phase for this year’s DreamsCom runs from May 26, 2022 – June 12, 2022. Creators will be able to submit their booths and game demos via starting from May 26.

Not familiar with what DreamsCom is? Check out a few of the screenshots below of last year’s show to get a taste of what it’s all about.

Last year’s DreamsCom images

Last year’s DreamsCom images

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we’ve had over the last two years of DreamsCom is that the booth templates we give our creators aren’t as adaptable as they could be. For DreamsCom ‘22, we’re offering a few different options for folk to remix and play around with.

This year you can choose from:

  • Booth – The more general DreamsCom booth from previous years.
  • Stand – A smaller template for creators, perfect for smaller teasers or for filmmakers and streamers to promote their work.
  • Listening Booth – A dedicated audio booth, giving the music makers of Dreams a chance to showcase their latest track.

Booth template image

Listening booth image

Stand template image

We’re confident these new templates will open up DreamsCom to even more community folk, filling out this year’s showfloor like never before. Of course, if you have any questions at all about DreamsCom and the creation phase of this year’s event, please let us know on social media or in our livestreams.

How Behind the Frame’s animation makes you feel at home

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Most games you’ll find featured in Game of the Year lists revolve around fantasy, larger-than-life stakes, the far future, or distant past. These are places that want to transport players to completely different worlds, new experiences unlike anything you’ve ever had before. Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery, which releases for the PlayStation 4 on June 2, has its sights set on a different fantasy – one in which you can sink into the delightful routines of everyday life.

I’m Buddy, the community manager for Akupara Games and I wanted to take a little time breaking down why that core experience of Behind the Frame’s gameplay is so important to us. In Behind the Frame, you play as a young artist trying to exhibit her art at a big time exhibition. And while the game itself focuses on a mystery that she’s trying to solve, most of the time you spend in Behind the Frame will be in her quaint, lived-in apartment studio.

How Behind the Frame’s animation makes you feel at home

Behind the Frame sports a number of animated cutscenes over the course of the game, which many players and critics have likened to the animation of Studio Ghibli, famous for films like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. Those films, as well as many like them from Japan, are some of Behind the Frame’s biggest inspirations. In particular, When Marnie Was There really helped orient Silver Lining Studios to the particular style of traditional animation they’d use in the game’s cutscenes. The bold earnest colors and crisp linework elevate the artist and her studio into something more beautiful.

For the gameplay, the goal has always been immersion. The developers at Silver Lining Studios wanted to get players oriented to the routine of that daily life. Waking up in the morning, fixing yourself coffee, cooking a quick breakfast, and putting on some music before you start painting for the day. Painting and solving the puzzles associated with it are the main gameplay mechanics of Behind the Frame, where the story is going to move forward and more of the mystery will reveal itself. But for players to really come to terms with Behind the Frame’s main character, they’ll need to see more of her than just what’s relevant to the plot. That comes from helping her cook some eggs and butter some toast.


Gran Turismo World Series gets underway with Gran Turismo 7

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Competitive racing returns to Gran Turismo soon as the 2022 Gran Turismo World Series gets going on Friday, May 27 and Saturday May 28 – the first rounds of the Online Season 1. Any player who has a copy of Gran Turismo 7 for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 can enter the series by heading to Sport Mode* in the game. Once there, sign up for the Nations Cup, where you compete for individual glory on behalf of your home country, and/or the Manufacturers Cup, in which you enter a virtual contract to compete on behalf of your favorite car maker.

Gran Turismo World Series gets underway with Gran Turismo 7

We’re really excited that after two years where all the action took place with people playing online from home, the Gran Turismo World Series (formerly the FIA Gran Turismo Championships) will feature some live events in 2022 where the best players from all over the world gather to face each other down on stage in front of the cameras.

The best of the racers from the first online season will be invited to compete in a three-day World Series Showdown in July against the cream of the 2021 championship at the spectacular Red Bull Hangar 7 in Salzburg Austria.

The World Series then continues online with Season 2, with the fastest racers invited to challenge the established stars at the World Finals. After a two-year hiatus, the finals return to the prestigious Sporting Monte Carlo, which hosted the 2018 and 2019 World Finals events.

In addition to the two in-person live events, fans can watch the top racers go head-to-head in a series of six streams  that will feature the top racers from the Nations Cup and Manufacturer Cup. 

Italian Valerio Gallo (21) will be looking to defend his 2021 Nations Cup title while two-time Manufacturers Cup champions Toyota are the team to beat in that series. A new team will be hunting them down as luxury car maker Genesis joins the Gran Turismo World Series as an official partner – thus guaranteeing Team Genesis a spot in the Manufacturer Cup flagship events.

Genesis is joined as a new partner by Italian brake company Brembo. Both brands will add to the contributions of long-term partners Michelin, Toyota, Mazda, Alpha and BBS who have helped to enrich both the game and the championships.

The Gran Turismo World Series will be great to watch, but also provides a competitive platform for anyone that wants to try online racing. You’ll be matched in races with people of a similar level so you can race for fun. But if you are quick and determined enough, you can make it to the top level and joi

First details on No Man’s Sky’s Leviathan Expedition update, live today

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Hello! It’s been an absolute joy for us to see our No Man’s Sky PlayStation community embrace their inner space pirate and prove their worthiness in space-combat as they took on The Blight as part of last month’s Outlaws update and expedition. Today we’re pleased to unveil our 7th expedition – Leviathan. And this one’s a little different

First details on No Man’s Sky’s Leviathan Expedition update, live today

Survival is front and centre for Expedition 7 as Travellers are challenged with escaping from a mysterious time-loop curse. Not even Nada and Polo know the cause of this temporal abnormality, but all the clues indicate a link to a great space creature, The Leviathan.

Unlike previous expeditions, and in a roguelike style, death never seems that far away. With each death some individual progress is reset, but each attempt counts towards Specialist Polo’s research into the time-loop and brings liberation ever closer. 

Moreover every incarnation presents another opportunity to contribute to Polo’s efforts with a procedurally-generated loadout, the quality of which increases as the community effort builds.

Will the collective might of the No Man’s Sky Travellers succeed in helping Polo restore the space-time balance, lifting the curse and restoring peace with the Leviathan? 

We like to think that No Man’s Sky expeditions are characteristically generous in their rewards and the Leviathan expedition is no exception. The Whalestalker Cloak, a mini Organic Frigate for your base and a Temporal Starship Trail to name but a few other trinkets you may pick up along the way. And the ultimate reward for your efforts? An awe-inspiring organic frigate to add to your frigate fleet.

We’ve really enjoyed putting this expedition together and are excited at the prospect of thousands of PlayStation Travellers working as an inter-galactic team to free themselves from the continuum… even if they do have to die a bunch of times to achieve it!

The Leviathan Expedition begins today and will run for approximately six weeks. Our journey continues.

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