Get ready to Dredge more eldritch aberrations from the deep

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A month ago, we launched our little fishing game Dredge on PS5 and PS4, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response. We’re grateful that you’re enjoying your time fishing in The Marrows… and exploring the dangerous waters beyond. 

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we have more eldritch experiences planned for Dredge throughout the year, including three free updates and a new paid adventure featuring the Ironhaven Corporation, an entity you may have heard mentioned in passing from some of the game’s inhabitants. More on that in the depths below.

One of the features requested by so many of you is extended functionality for the in-game map, and we’re excited to introduce this with our first free update in May. The addition of map markers will allow you to select from different coloured icons representing everything from dangers, shipwrecks, mysteries, and more, enabling more effective navigation between locations than before. Additionally, this update will include some fixes and balance changes.

In our second update, two new modes will introduce very different ways to experience Dredge. The first is Passive Mode, which caters to players who prefer a less intense experience. Monsters that usually attack fishing boats will no longer be aggressive, allowing players to focus on fishing and enjoying the serene surroundings. 

This update’s second mode is another much requested feature: Photo mode. But rather than just add the ability with a simple menu option, we’re taking a different approach. When it launches, our photo mode will see the addition of a new in-game character who’ll help players unlock their camera ability and share clues on where to find some of the local marine wildlife as subjects for your photography, some of which will be brand new in this update. The mode will be ‘hooked’ into the PlayStation’s screenshot sharing ability so you can share your captures, whether that be of majestic whales or nightmarish abominations from the deep.

Our third free update will introduce boat customisations such as paint schemes and flags. As you explore the coastlines and bayous of Dredge, you’ll unlock new boat paint schemes and flags to make your fishing vessel really stand out. We’ll have more information on both updates two and three later in the year.

Finally, we will be developing a paid and entirely optional DLC featuring the mysterious Ironhaven Corporation. They’re looking to establish an innovative drilling operation in the area to revitalize the towns and populations, but their ultimate goal is unknown. As you gather materials to construct new buildings and biomatter to fuel the rig, meet new characters, craft new equipment, and catch new fish, you may uncover the truth behind their potentially nefarious operations.

We hope you continue to enjoy your time in Dredge, and we can’t wait to share these new updates and adventures with you. Happy fishing!

Gate crash a festival in the Chivalry 2: Raiding Party update

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Knights, defend your nobles! Starting May 2 PlayStation Plus members can get Chivalry 2 as part of May’s Monthly Games on PS5 and PS4. To accompany this awesome launch, Torn Banner Studios has crafted an all-new Raiding Party update – available for free this week for all owners of Chivalry 2.

Gate crash a festival in the Chivalry 2: Raiding Party update

New map – The Sacking of Bridgetown

Join us for the newest Chivalry 2 map The Sacking of Bridgetown, a 64-player Team Objective experience. Defend as the honorable Agathans or spoil the party as the fearless Tenosians.

A decadent celebration by Agathian nobles is rudely interrupted by the terrifying blast of war horns: Tenosia is invading the verdant countryside of Irilla.

In this huge map’s first stage, defenders spawn as Agathian peasants – who must frantically take up arms to defend their Lords’ vineyards against Tenosian attackers. Can you survive long enough for the Agathian Knights to arrive? Probably not, but you’ll return to the fray as a proper warrior after valiantly dying for your kingdom. 

After the lush vineyards and farmlands fall to slaughter and flames, it’s time for attackers to raid old Bridgetown itself. Like a Renaissance fair gone deeply, deeply wrong, players will smash up the celebration as they turn the festivities upside down and let the streets run red with wine and, naturally, blood.  

Finally, it’s defenestration time. The ultimate objective for the invaders is to toss as many nobles out of windows as possible. Talk about a pane in the butt! 

Will Tenosia make it past Bridgetown to continue their assault on the lands of the North? Victory or defeat will reveal what tale you weave in this epic assault on all things decent and proper. 

Interested in a quick lore recap? For each game update the tale of Chivalry 2’s saga of war takes another major step forward. Bridgetown is the sixth post-launch Team Objective map added to the game (alongside various maps for other game modes). After successfully blasting through the bulwark in the Breach of Baudwyn map, the Tenosian Empire has begun the second phase of their invasion, advancing inland, which means crossing Bridgetown. The Agathian wine festival they interrupt? A celebration of King Argon’s successful defense of the recent Thayic Stronghold

Share of the Week – Ghostwire: Tokyo

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Last week, we asked you to highlight terrors from the streets of Ghostwire: Tokyo using #PSshare and #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights: 

Mur4dQ shares three masked figures standing in the rain

call_me_xavii shares a yokai standing in water with scissors

sorathluna shares an arch underneath a full moon

solinstruments_ shares a suited yokai leaning over someone playing piano

KenKenVega1 shares a long-haired yokai leaning backwards

nahHermes shares a shot of Tokyo Tower with a masked figure at the bottom

Search #PSshare #PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram to see more entries to this week’s theme. Want to be featured in the next Share of the Week? 

THEME: Horizon Forbidden West – Burning Shores
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Next week, we’re soaring through Horizon Forbidden West’s expansion Burning Shores. Sharing Aloy’s newest adventures using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.

Sci-fi action-adventure Hubris launches hits PS VR2 this May

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Greetings all! We have thrilling news to share with all of you today. Next month, Hubris will be launching on PlayStation VR2, and this version promises to deliver an unparalleled experience. Cyborn has made significant improvements to the game, particularly for the new PS VR 2, resulting in enhanced graphics and gameplay.

But first what is Hubris all about. Hubris is a VR action-adventure game set in a unique and colorful sci-fi universe, with immersive movement options, including swimming, climbing, and jumping. Players will have to gather resources, craft food and upgrade their weapons to fight off alien wildlife, droids, and humanoid enemies.

The inclusion of foveated rendering is a significant enhancement for our game, which features complex and expansive scenes. This cutting-edge technology allows for a sharper resolution than anything previously achieved. The game’s textures and models are now several times clearer, while the frame rate remains stable.

Prepare for an even more immersive gameplay experience thanks to the advanced DualSense controller haptics. You’ll feel every action in the game, with feedback provided through both the controllers and headset. From swimming to shooting, every action has been customized with haptic feedback. Moreover, we’ve adjusted the weight of the guns to simulate an impactful feel, and the triggers adapt to the specifications of each weapon. The adaptive triggers have allowed us to significantly improve the precision of triggering alternative fire modes for both the shotgun and harpoon gun, making shooting guided missiles feel even more responsive. 

In addition, we have revamped the gun reloading mechanism and enhanced the aiming and iron sights of all the weapons. Additionally, new enemy variations have been introduced, requiring players to approach certain situations differently. The balancing has also been refined, providing a greater challenge for players on the hardest difficulty level and a more story-focused gameplay experience for those on the easiest difficulty level.

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Inside Look: Warhammer 40,000 x World of Tanks

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It was only a matter of time before the war to defend humanity reached new battlegrounds. Starting on May 2, players of World of Tanks Modern Armor will get to fight against Orks and the forces of Chaos in a brand-new Warhammer 40,000 event on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

This Imperium-sized event features incredible content to immerse players in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Five new tanks, two new 3D Hero Commanders with exclusive voiceover, and a limited-time community event are all available for those who swear to defend the Emperor.

Inside Look: Warhammer 40,000 x World of Tanks

“Both Warhammer 40,000 and World of Tanks Modern Armor have a rich history of vehicular combat,” says Daniel Burr, live game director for World of Tanks Modern Armor. “Whether you are in a Sherman or a Leman Russ, tanks are powerful!”

So let’s talk about tanks.

The tanks

Five new tanks will be available as part of the Warhammer 40,000 event:

·   The Nemesis tank destroyer

·   The Teefbreaka light tank

·   The Reaper’s Scythe medium tank

·   The Ignis Purgatio medium tank

·   The console-exclusive Leman Russ heavy tank

“The single most challenging aspect was fidelity,” says Burr. “Warhammer 40,000 tanks and Commanders are very detailed, and getting those details right required a lot of work and a lot of communication with our partners at Games Workshop.”

Leading the effort to faithfully reproduce these tanks for a 20th-century battlefield was Andy Dorizas, Art Director for World of Tanks Modern Armor. Dorizas is quick to acknowledge, though, that this wasn’t a one-person ta


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