Producer Takashi Tokita reveals the secrets of Live A Live

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Hello PlayStation players! My name is Takashi Tokita, producer of Live A Live.

I’m excited to say that the game is now available to buy digitally for PS5 and PS4. It’s a very unique RPG that lets you play through short stories across eight different time periods – all presented with beautiful HD-2D visuals.

This game is very special to me – I directed the original Live A Live 29 years ago, and it was the first game I ever planned from the ground up. It’s my most beloved title!

To celebrate its release on PlayStation consoles, I wanted to share some memories of working on the game – both the original and the remake.

The history of Live A Live

The original Live A Live started production between the development of Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger. I wanted to create a new style of RPG, so I got together with my colleagues to kick off a new project.

Our idea was to break a long RPG down into a sort of omnibus – or short story – format. It would feature many familiar elements of role-playing games but let players also enjoy lots of different worlds and mechanics. 

The game launched September 2, 1994, but unfortunately, we were unable to release the game outside of Japan. That was heart-breaking.

However, those who did play understood the appeal of the game and spread the word for us. Despite the game not being translated, volunteers localized it and passed down stories of how interesting it was for many years.

It has been my earnest wish that Live A Live be played by people all around the world, and thanks to so many people rooting for the game, they now can – and on the latest platform!

The design of Live A Live

One of the elements of Live A Live that makes it stand out so much is its structure. Unlike many other RPGs, which typically feature a single epic journey, our game lets players pick between seven tales, each set in different eras and play through them in any order.

RPGs broken up into chapters existed even during the time of the original release, but I wanted players to be able to freely choose the world and character they liked. I asked a different manga artist to design the characters for each of the respective chapters, in hopes that each would express themselves to their fullest.

Live A Live also provides the player with the ability to make key decisions and forge their own path in certain key parts of the story. That’s because I believe that freedom of choice and the consequences that follow make for some of the best things in games in general, not just limited to RPGs!

The different settings of Live A Live

Since the very beginning of the planning phases for Live A Live, I knew I wanted to incorporate settings that could believably feature RPG elements. That’s how we ended up with our eight different

PlayStation Stars Campaigns and Digital Collectibles for May 2023

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Today, we’re pleased to announce the PlayStation Stars lineup for May. Starting on Monday, May 1, members can test their knowledge, flex skills, and bring back fond memories with some nostalgic content. Let’s dive into some of the new content and remember to check in regularly to PlayStation Stars on PlayStation App for the latest campaigns.

PlayStation Plus Game Catalog: Must-play this Month

Available May 1

Calling all PlayStation Plus Extra & PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe members! In the Must-play this Month campaign, there will be cryptic references to five games in the PlayStation Plus Games Catalog. Once you guess the title, play any one of them to earn some points. Be sure to check out the details within the PS Stars app when the campaign begins.

Your PlayStation Plus Monthly Games await 

Available May 2

New month, new PlayStation Plus Monthly Games. For this PS Stars campaign PlayStation Plus can members play one of the Monthly Games for May to earn points. Learn more on the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for May

Digital Collectible-Earning Campaigns

Hard Game Club | Collectible: Dead Cells Balloon 

Available Starting May 18

Get ready to test your skills with the Hard Game Club campaign. Each month, we feature the toughest games on PS4 and PS5. This month, starting on May 18, the featured game is Dead Cells, where you can earn the Hard Game Club May 2023 Balloon if you achieve the Blade Master trophy. To earn the Blade Master trophy in Dead Cells, you need to beat the Time Keeper.

Note: Existing PlayStation Stars members who have already earned the Blade Master trophy can collect the Hard Game Club Balloon by starting the PlayStation Stars campaign in PS App and playing any PS4 or PS5 game from May 1-17.

Hit Play 1997 | Collectible: Sony AM radio

Available May 20 

Before the flip phone, there was the flip… radio? Yep, this cute little radio’s clamshell design meant that you could fold it up and carry it anywhere with the attached strap. To earn this digital collectible – launch the six games matching songs from 1997 as part of this Hit Play 1997 campaign. Hints will be provided once the campaign begins.

Limited Release Collectibles

PlayStation and You: PS3

Available May 15 

For PlayStation Stars members who owned the Splash Blue PS3. Play any PS4 or PS5 game to unlock this digital collectible.

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Feel The Force with PS5’s haptics and adaptive triggers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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With the PlayStation 5 DualSense wireless controller, Respawn Entertainment  and Lucasfilm Games have been able to create one of the most immersive Star Wars gaming experiences yet. During your journey through the galaxy, you’ll be able to feel the power of the Force at your fingertips – quite literally.

Using The Force

Need that shiny object just out of reach? Bring it a bit closer with the tap of a trigger. If you find Cal surrounded by foes, why not pull them even closer to deal damage to all of them at once – or push them away with a blast of power from Cal’s hand.

You’ll truly be able to feel that power based on how you’re using the Force, with trigger resistance influenced by how heavy or resistant enemies are you’re trying to pull. After you’ve finally managed to pull the foe into attacking range or yank their shield away from them, the resistance will disappear to simulate a sense of victorious relief.

Portable pal

Haptics aren’t just limited to Cal’s lightsaber. BD-1’s gadgets and tools also have DualSense-specific effects. When Cal is zipping across a line, you’ll feel the rumble radiating in the triggers as well as more or less resistance depending on the speed you choose to go. You’ll also feel a slight bump when BD-1 flies to Cal’s shoulder to catch up to him.

Your Cal your way

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor features a plethora of customization options for players to shape their Cal – from jackets to shirts and hairstyles and, of course lightsabers. When customizing your lightsaber at a workbench, you’ll feel the triggers vibrate as you switch out parts for your blade, and the controller will gently vibrate when Cal ignites his lightsaber.

The DualSense’s color bar will also match whatever color you select for Cal’s lightsaber.

You’ll be able to dive into Cal’s new adventure and discover how DualSense adds to the immersion of being a Jedi when Star Wars Jedi: Survivor launches on April 28.

In the meantime, you can read our hands-on report for more gameplay details.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes – Definitive Edition is coming to PlayStation this summer

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“Wait, you’ve never played Clash of Heroes before?”  I can’t recall the number of times I’ve said this sentence before.

The original title, developed by Capybara Games and published by Ubisoft, was released on PlayStation 3 in 2011. I’m always surprised because I really consider this game to be a real game design gem, using the deep lore of the Might & Magic universe to create a unique mix of strategy and puzzle game.

After working previously with Ubisoft and getting my hands on Clash of Heroes for the first time, it was always a thought in the back of my head that Clash of Heroes needs to come back.

I’ve always considered it to be an instant classic, bringing a perfect “one more game” dynamic as you’re trying to figure out the best builds and strategies. Working on an updated version of this game is a personal dream so needless to say that I was very enthusiastic when talking with Ubisoft about making the definitive version of Clash of Heroes … So let’s talk more about it!

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes – Definitive Edition is coming to PlayStation this summer

A brilliant mix of action and strategy

Clash of Heroes is a turn-based strategy game where you need to knock your opponent out with devastating attacks while preparing your defenses. To do so, you have a limited amount of moves each turn to move units from your board – secure three matching units vertically or at least 3 horizontally to activate your attacks and defenses respectively. As soon as they’re done charging, the units will move forward and attack your enemy’s board.

Getting through your enemy’s units will help you attack their hero directly. Once they’re KO, you win! Pretty straightforward, right? Well, that’s not really all…

If you happen to match units by deleting a unit from your board, you’ll win back an additional move. Mastering this and creating chain reactions on your board will definitely give you the upper hand and help you secure more attacks and/or defenses.

Each faction brings their dedicated Heroes and units with different playstyles. As a member of the Haven faction, Godric has access to the Priestess, an elite unit who, while charging, heals your hero before firing an energy blast across the battlefield. Members of the Sylvan faction like Anwen can choose dragons that spray acid on your opponent’s battlefield.

Artifacts can also be activated and can be game-changers: boost specific units, buff your chances of critical h

Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon launches August 25 – New gameplay details

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FromSoftware is one of the most beloved developers around, creating modern classics like Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring that have enchanted and engrossed players worldwide. But let’s go back in time–back to 1997, when FromSoftware released the cult hit Armored Core on the original PlayStation, and players were enthralled by its mix of intense mech fighting action and strategic customization. The series has been cherished in the eyes of fans since, garnering multiple spin-offs and sequels over the years. Now, 25 years after players first built their custom Cores and 10 years after the last entry, Armored Core returns August 25–and it’s packing plenty of heat. 

Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon launches August 25 – New gameplay details

We sat down with FromSoftware to get a first look at the gameplay of Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon and learn about the latest in mech action.

Engage in high-speed mech combat

Those whose primary experience with FromSoftware comes from games like Bloodborne or Elden Ring might be curious about what to expect from Armored Core VI. 

You play an augmented mercenary piloting a huge, customizable mech. Yet while the pace and structure of mech-piloting action fundamentally differ from other games in the studio’s catalog, players can rest assured that the smooth, responsive controls they’ve come to expect in FromSoftware games is still here–just in a different context. Think giant, heavily equipped robots with the ability to zip around across ground and air, reacting at lightning-fast speeds to attacks and threats while trying to one-up dangerous foes with even more firepower at their disposal.

Rubicon, the ruined planet

Armored Core VI is a new story that takes place on the planet Rubicon, where a powerful energy source called “Coral” has been discovered. But this isn’t stuff that looks pretty in aquariums–Coral is extremely volatile, and it’s already caused a massive disaster that nearly turned all of Rubicon to ash many years prior. But those futuristic megacorps just can’t resist the siren song of Coral and continue to war for it to this day.

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