New battlegrounds arrive in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone Season 04, live June 14

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Season 04 introduces the brand-new Vondel Battle Royale map, six new Multiplayer maps at launch and more across Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone. Season 04 launches on PlayStation on June 14. Let’s dive into the full details of what players can expect.

Warzone introduces Vondel, new Lockdown Mode, and more

A waterfront district of a Baroque European city, Vondel will launch with three supported modes, including Resurgence, DMZ, and a brand-new mode — Lockdown. Traditional Battle Royale launches at mid-season.

Lockdown: Score points by capturing and holding zones around the map. Matches last about double that of a traditional Hardpoint match.

Expanded DMZ Features: Vondel on DMZ adds new story missions, the Phalanx faction, the Signal Intelligence Contract, and dynamic fog.

New Resurgence features

Available across all Resurgence playlists, the Dynamic Resurgence Timer automatically adjusts a squad’s respawn timers should one or more squadmates disconnect from the match. When a squadmate gets eliminated, the Nemesis Icon temporarily indicates the general location of the enemy Operator.

New items and event

Drive on land and water with the new four passenger Tactical Amphibian Vehicle. Complete objectives in the Assault on Vondel Launch Event to unlock the Favorite Supply Box, awarding the weapons assigned to your Favorite Loadout, and the Reinforcement Flare to bring back fallen teammates. Boost your defenses with the mid-season High-Capacity Plate Carrier.

New Public Event — High Stakes: Capture fallen crates to earn Double Weapon and Player XP for the duration of the match, stacking with other XP bonuses.

Season 04 Combat Pack

Starting on June 21, PlayStation Plus members can download the Season 04 Combat Pack, headlined by a new Oni Operators Skin featuring a carbon fiber armor-enhanced wetsuit.

From June 22 at 10am PT through June 23 at 10am PT, Sony players will additionally receive an exclusive Double Player XP bonus.

Six new Modern Warfare II Multiplayer maps, 12v12 S&D and Prisoner Rescue

New Core, Gunfight, and Battle Maps

Showdown (Core Map, Launch):  A faithful recreation of the map originally featured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Showdown consists of the  central courtyard, the two-level structure surrounding it, and its outer perimeter. Operators attempting to cross the courtyard will face fierce resistance against enemies firing between the arched columns, though some ground cover offers a fighting chance against their attacks. The perimeter caters to long-ranged combat with its long, narrow lanes, though locked metal gates to the north and south keep players from rushing straight through.

Note the pathways in and out of the courtyard walkways: two staircases lead from the ground floor to the upper path, while direct access to the top floor is possible through traversing over the top of the outer metal gates. Versatility is king here, as you’ll often need to rapidly switch between close- to long-ranged combat. Operators equipped to handle the map’s long sight lines as well as its tight turns are wel

F1 Manager 23 – Five exciting new features hit the track July 31

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While F1 Manager 23 is lining up on the grid for release on July 31, we’re jumping into a few of the new features that are now included in the most authentic F1 management simulation to date.

Race Replay

Race Replay is a brand-new mode for F1 Manager 23 allowing you to relive every race and pivotal moments from the 2023 F1 season.

Starting Grid is the first way to prove yourself in Race Replay. Choose any team and take on the starting grid and conditions from any real 2023 race and see if you have what it takes to beat the real-life outcome. You’ll need to manage your drivers, tactics, and tyres to produce the optimal performance for the team.

Race Moments let you jump directly into crucial, real-life scenarios faced by teams during the current season. Join Alpine at the Miami Grand Prix, where Esteban Ocon is battling to keep Charles Leclerc behind and choose the perfect time for your pit stops to ensure you beat the pursuing Ferraris. Or, take charge of McLaren after a hectic 29 laps at Albert Park and see if you can lead Oscar Piastri to a points finish at his home race.

With new Starting Grids and Race Moments being added to the game following every race weekend of the 2023 season, Race Replay is your opportunity to get closer to the action than ever before!

Pit Crew Training

New for 2023 is the Sporting Director: a key staff member responsible for trackside operations, bringing with them the ability to manage and improve your pit crew. Your Sporting Director will have their own set of performance ratings that will be crucial to develop to ensure they get the best out of your pit crew during training.

Pit-crew training schedules are set monthly. You can choose between preset regimes or create a custom plan (You can even set morning/afternoon plans per day!). Go balanced or focus on specific areas you need your crew to improve on. Pit Stop Errors will put focus on improving consistency, while Fatigue Reduction will give your crew members more rest days, reducing the likelihood of a fatigue related mistake.

Driver Confidence

Confidence is key when hurtling around a circuit at 200mph in an F1 car and things are no different in F1 Manager 23.

Going into each race weekend, your drivers will have a baseline confidence level for each session. How you set up the car and how much time you give your drivers on-track in Practice will play a fundamental role in your drivers’ confidence and performance for Qualifying and Race sessions. If successful, your drivers will be more confident when the lights go out and be more likely to make that all important overtake. If they’re involved in a failed battle or incident, they will lose confidence! It’s up to you to keep an eye on how your driver is performing before issuing them commands.

Deeper Race Drama

Authenticity to the sport is at the heart of F1 Manager and this year we’ve taken it even further. You’ll see more on-track battles and wheel-to-wheel action going into corners, including that all important sprint to the first corner.

You’ll notice more variety in racing lines as drivers that are pushing hard will be more aggressive on the kerbs, while a driver that is conserving tyres may take a more passive approach

Synapse hands-on report: an artistic PS VR2 shooter that puts the power of telekinesis in your hand

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Synapse’s State of Play reveal illustrated a potent combo of sidearm and telekinetic-infused combat. Last month at PlayStation Showcase, developer nDreams used the release date announcement to dig into the story of a lone operative diving into another’s mind to avert global catastrophe, and the reunion of two high-caliber voice talents who find themselves again involved in a black ops-style mission, but this time on different sides of a battlefield. And now, thanks to a hands-on with a specially-curated playable demo, we have a better understanding of how Synapse gameplay unfolds.

Let’s break down the core gameplay loop. It’s driven by tactical combat, using your base abilities of bullets and TK plus interactive objects to clear out multi-leveled arenas of enemies. Those encounters are punchy bursts of action which increase in complexity and intensity. You’re outnumbered, continually outflanked, attackers able to short-range teleport to better position themselves. The odds are put back in your favor through steadily unlocked abilities and randomized buffs, all tools built to nudge you into being as enjoyably, efficiently creative with your skills as possible. Synapse has the DNA of a roguelite.

Let’s dig deeper. A run will have you fight a growing mix of enemy types across multiple levels, the sequencing of those stages randomized and pulled from a large pool of potential locations. Completion of any opens a door to the next, at the threshold of which you’re offered one of two possible two Traits. These add fun modifiers for the rest of your run. Clutch an object with TK to kick in slo-mo. Add a curve to your bullets. Turn TK-grabbed foes into short-term friendlies or targets for other assailants to draw fire away from you. 

Synapse’s mini-map is thoughtfully executed. Flip your TK hand palm up for a radial-style device to materialize upon it. A 3D space floats above it, pinpoints enemy locations and collectables. It’s an interaction with the same simple satisfaction – and muscle memory – as checking your watch for notifications.

Revelations is Synapse’s name for permanent upgrades split across three skill trees, for your TK, weapons and general resilience respectively. These trees are available between runs and will grant you, amongst others, the ability to grab enemies (and toss them around like rag-dolls) or their grenades (catching them mid-throw), increase your weapon loadout. You can activate Shrines that’ll spawn within levels, granting you a health boost or new weapons.

All are unlocked and used during my hands-on, early access granted thanks to a generous dose of XP (called Defiance in Synpase) for the purposes of the demo. But before I step into several arenas to play around with my powers, I need to learn how the core mechanics work. Cue tutorial and the base mechanics.

Movement is an uncompromised first-person shooter, character movement and camera operated by the Sense controller sticks, with comfort settings also offered. You can also pick which of your hands does what. Gun hand is

is self-explanatory but doesn’t work in isolation: guns need to be reloaded by way of partially ejecting them then slamming magazines back into position. You can use your other hand. Or any solid surface, which includes cover points and an enemy’s noggin. Reloads continue to fe

Introducing the No Man’s Sky Singularity Expedition

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Hello, today we’re very excited to bring you our next seasonal update, a limited time expedition called Singularity. This is a big one, part expedition and part update with a ton of new content, story, gameplay and some of our most exciting rewards.

The last few months have been very busy for No Man’s Sky. We opened the year with Fractal, bringing PS VR2 support and much more. Six weeks later we launched Interceptor, which brought the first hints of a broader narrative playing out in the No Man’s Sky universe.

Singularity delivers a story and challenge which is chapter two of a four part narrative which will play out across this year.

Singularity starts with players across all systems on the same planet as they set out to investigate curious robot heads that have been delivering cryptic clues across the galaxy.

We want to keep the mystery, but this is a story about AI corruption, robotic uprisings and strong hints of what’s to come in No Man’s Sky.

Throughout the five week long expedition, the whole community will be working with Nada and Polo on the space anomaly can try to breathe new life into the galaxy, and work together for some exciting rewards.

The expedition concludes with the player having to make a choice which will have far-reaching consequences…

On top of all this there are even more strange clues to decipher that hint at a deeper story to come!

As with all No Man’s Sky expeditions, Singularity comes with a large number of rewards and souvenirs which can be redeemed across all saves, including our first new full customisation set in years for your main character – an impressive robot suit.

Our journey continues.

PlayStation Plus Double Discounts promotion comes to PlayStation Store

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The PlayStation Plus Double Discounts promotion comes to PlayStation Store June 7. For the duration of the promotion* there are discounts of up to 35% on the price of a variety of single player and multiplayer titles. And if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, that discount is doubled, giving you further savings on what’s on offer.