(For Southeast Asia) PlayStation®5 FINAL FANTASY XVI Bundle Available from 22nd June 2023

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Following this month’s 25 minutes all new FINAL FANTASY XVI gameplay and recent announcement of pre-order date for physical editions of FINAL FANTASY XVI, we are happy to announce that two versions of “PlayStation®5 Console FINAL FANTASY XVI Bundle” will be available on 22nd June 2023.

The PS5 Digital Edition Bundle will be available at a suggested retail price (SRP) of SGD 759 / MYR 2,339 / IDR 9,079,000 and PS5 with Ultra HD Blue-ray™ disc drive will be available at SGD 889 / MYR 2,769 / IDR 10,579,000 / THB 20,790.

Humanity: a gameplay deep dive into the upcoming PlayStation Plus puzzler 

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Last week, compelling puzzler Humanity was confirmed to launch day one into PlayStation Plus Game Catalog. It joins a wealth of fantastic indies released recently, all of which are available right now as part of the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games or Game Catalog. So today, with Enhance sharing a deep dive into the gameplay features of its Shiba-fronted puzzle adventure ahead of its May 16 launch, we reached out to the creators of Meet Your Maker, Tchia and Kena: Bridge of Spirits to share updates on their titles. 


Take control of a luminescent Shiba Inu (in case you don’t know—that’s a dog!) in this visually stunning and thought-provoking action-puzzle game from Enhance and tha ltd. You direct a massive, marching crowd of humans to the light, rebuilding humanity and unlocking new mechanics in the process. Command the people to turn, jump, climb, swim, shoot, follow and more to get them to the goal across 90 carefully crafted stages. Devious puzzles await you, mixing in more action-focused elements, platformer-like levels, and even epic boss battles. Should you lose a few humans along the way, fear not—death is not permanent in the world of Humanity. Any people that fall off a stage turn back into light and walk through the door again.

Today, we’re happy to reveal a deeper look at how that all comes together. Check out our all-new gameplay trailer:

Humanity: a gameplay deep dive into the upcoming PlayStation Plus puzzler 

Outside of Story Mode, you can browse an ever-growing library of stages created by other players. Play, rate, favorite, and discover new types of puzzles in this limitless cross-platform vault, with curated playlists updated regularly so there’s always something new to play. Or try your hand at bringing your ideas to life using our intuitive Stage Creator. From platforming challenges and straightforward puzzles to artful sculptures, it’s super easy to make a stage and share it with friends and the community.

As a VR-optional title, you can also get an up-close view of your human horde and explore the environments in ways not possible in flat 2D via PS VR2 (on PS5) or PS VR (on PS4).

Whether you want to experience the Story Mode or are ready to jump into and play or make community content, this game’s got something for everyone. 

– Mark MacDonald, Executive Producer, Enhance

Humanity launches May 16, 2023 and is available on PlayStation Plus Game Catalog from Day 1. 

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for May: GRID Legends, Chivalry 2 and Descenders 

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Today we’re happy to reveal the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for May. The Monthly Games lineup of GRID Legends, Chivalry 2 and Descenders will be available to PlayStation Plus members on Tuesday, May 2 until Tuesday June 6. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of the games in turn. 

GRID Legends | PS4, PS5 

Welcome to GRID Legends: a high-stakes driving experience that combines thrilling and unpredictable motorsport, incredible race variety and an immersive narrative that puts you at the heart of the action. Take the spotlight in an engrossing racing story, brought to life by a world-class cast including Ncuti Gatwa in a ground-breaking extended reality production. Face fierce personalities, paddock politics, on-track drama and the infamous Ravenwest Motorsport, as a fly-on-the-wall documentary captures every moment.

Stances, Force, and custom lightsabers: All you need to know about Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s improved combat

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Nobody said that the path of the Jedi would be an easy one, but things are particularly rough right now for Cal Kestis. Perennially hunted by authority figures and fame-seeking scoundrels alike, Cal soon finds himself struggling once again. You’ll need to guide him as he searches for friends old and new alongside his explorer droid companion BD-1. Fortunately, you’ve got the power of the Force on your side, but that’s small consolation when it feels like everything is against you. Fear not, however–we’ve got some feature highlights and combat tips to get your latest journey through the Star Wars universe off to a lightspeed start.

Battle stances ready

Lightsaber stances have been expanded in Jedi Survivor. There are five different stances available, three of which you’ll have access to from a very early point in the game: Single, Double-bladed, and Dual Wield. You can equip two stances at a time and swap between them in combat with a press of left or right on the D-pad. Let’s take a quick look at each of these starter stances.

Single: The classic Jedi wielding stance also happens to be the most balanced of the bunch, rewarding players who can time their strikes and parries. It’s perfect for those epic one-on-one duels, but it offers some ranged and crowd-downing attacks as well. 

Going through the skill tree will open up a powerful penetrating lightsaber toss, a stagger-inducing jumping strike, and dash strikes that can knock down enemies on the ground or in the air. 

Double-bladed: Are you in need of some crowd control? Then the double-bladed stance is what you’re looking for. Swinging the double-ended lightsaber around makes dealing with a crowd of enemies surrounding you much less of a hassle. 

Throw the dual-ended saber in a wide boomerang arc to damage multiple enemies. Or if you’re facing a battalion of blaster fire, hold L1 to twirl the lightsaber in front of you as you move, automatically parrying all the bolts headed your way. There is also an ability later in the game where you won’t even need to hold L1 to perform this maneuver. Building this skill tree up will grant Cal a spinning lunge attack, a group-stunning aerial dive-bomb, and even a special controllable flying lightsaber attack that acts like a mini-helicopter of pain.

Dual Wield: This stance is for players who love fast-paced, all-out offense. Your defense and range ratings take a hit, but you can make up for it: you’ve still got a long-range lightsaber toss, and by holding down the triangle button, you can auto-parry quite a few incoming melee attacks–just not the really big ones. 

Enhancing this stance’s skills will up the power of the parry and reward you for precise timing, as well as perform a quick backwards-dodge after a strike and split blaster shots into two damaging bolts when parried.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.32 going live today with 4 new cars, two Extra Menus for GT Café, and Scapes locations

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Gran Turismo players! The 1.32 update for Gran Turismo 7 arrives today April 26 at 10pm PST* (April 27 at 6am GMT / 2pm JST).

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.32 going live today with 4 new cars, two Extra Menus for GT Café, and Scapes locations

Introduction of 4 new cars

Jaguar XJ220 ’92
A road-going Group C car with breath-taking bodywork.

In 1988, Jaguar showed a prototype for their super sportscar at the British International Motor Show, and in 1991 they unveiled the final vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show in the form of the XJ220. The XJ220 received its name from its maximum speed, which was 220 mph (220 mph), the fastest ever at the time for a commercially available car. Jaguar entrusted production of the XJ220 to Jaguar Sports, a joint venture with TWR. TWR developed the Jaguar Group C car and oversaw its racing team. The prototype engine was a naturally aspirated V12, but the XJ220 that debuted in Tokyo had been given a 3.5 L V6 turbo engine of the XJR11 Group C car. The chassis was a composite aluminum honeycomb and carbon Kevlar, and basically resembles a racing car. An under panel that produces ground effect was added to the bottom of the car and again, mechanically, the XJ220 was like a road-going Group C car. Of course the interior of the car was finished with the finest materials, just like any other of Jaguar’s luxury cars. In 1993, Jaguar entered the XJ220 into the GT class of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Taking the wheel was the team of David Coulthard, David Brabham, and John Nielsen, who safely completed the race and won in its class. One month later, however, the XJ220 was disqualified due to a violation of an exhaust regulation, and their record was stricken from the books. Later, the XJ220 was entrusted to the famous Team Chamberlain racing team, and continued to participate in GT races including the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Mercedes-AMG GT3 ’20
An improved and more cost-effective GT3 machine.

The Mercedes-AMG GT3 is based on the Mercedes-AMG GT sport


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