As No Man’s Sky celebrates its fifth anniversary, Hello Games reflects on the journey so far

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Five years ago today we launched No Man’s Sky. For the first time we watched players all over the world begin to explore the universe we had created. It was a nerve-wracking moment and the culmination of five years of very hard work for our tiny team (the average team size was just 6, and at launch was just 15).

We knew this was the start of a journey, but never expected what a wild ride it would be. Today we’d like to take a moment to appreciate this milestone together. It hasn’t always been easy, but the thing that has been our guiding star throughout has been the players and the community. Behind every update, every video, every feature and line in a patch note is a team that cares so deeply for this game.

As No Man’s Sky celebrates its fifth anniversary, Hello Games reflects on the journey so far

Our journey continues with the announcement of Frontiers, our next major free update. This is just another step on our voyage and is coming soon.

Watching that video even the team is surprised by just how much No Man’s Sky has changed over the years, but also how close it has stuck to that central vision of building a universe to explore.

As I look back, I think of the big moments throughout development.

Our journey really started from the moment we stepped out nervously on the Sony stage at E3 2014 to share the first gameplay of our ambitious project. It was months after we had our office flooded, and it felt like a small triumph to still be standing as a team.

The years before and after launch are one big blur, but some updates really stand out as milestones. 

It’s hard to imagine how we launched so many major updates so close to launch. Foundations launched around 10 weeks after the main game, introducing Base Building for the first time. Base building is now such an integral part of No Man’s Sky, but it felt unexpected at the time. Foundations really became the foundation for how the next few years would take shape.

No Man’s Sky Next was an inflection point. It felt almost like a new game launch and brought multiplayer to PlayStation players in 2018. The reaction of the community continues to motivate us years later.

In 2019, as just one part of the large Beyond update, we brought the whole game to PlayStation VR. Built from the ground up, travellers could experience the wonders of the universe in fully realised virtual reality as a free update. It was the moment I felt I could see the game with f

Official PlayStation Podcast Episode 406: Sense and DualSense-ability

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Do you like voices? We’ve got you covered! Episode 406 of the Official PlayStation podcast features a trio of interviews; Greg Kasavin from Supergiant Games talks Hades ahead of its launch on PlayStation next week, Respawn devs Steven Ferreira and Travis Nordin discuss Season 10 of Apex Legends, and SIE Product Director Toshi Aoki talks about the DualSense Wireless Controller.

Stuff We Talked About

  • Ghost of Tsushima: Legends
  • Oxenfree II: Lost Signals
  • Hades (interview begins at 11:30)
  • Apex Legends (interview begins at 40:48)
  • DualSense Wireless Controller (interview begins at 55:52)
  • Going Under

The Cast

Sid Shuman – Senior Director of Content Communications, SIE

Tim Turi –  Manager, Content Communications, SIE

Share of the Week: Bosses

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Last week, we asked you to face up against you favorite bosses in the game of your choice using #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are this week’s formidable foes: 

mett981 faces off against Emperor Nefarious in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Amianan_NiRaGuB shares the arresting stare of Medusa in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

KeyserS007 goes lightsaber to lightsaber in this epic boss fight from Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

Ixion_VII faces the Grand Inquisitor in A Plague Tale: Innocence.

Photoingame fights off a massive BT in Death Stranding.

CaliOcelot shows a hulking Colossus from Shadow of the Colossus.

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Next week, we’re enjoying summer showers and stepping out into the rain. Share rainy moments from the game of your choice using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.

Season Five of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone launches August 12

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Season Five is incoming fast and with it comes a hefty serving of new free content, like five new Multiplayer maps, the Flamethrower Scorestreak, new Warzone and Zombies Perks, and a brand-new mode: Double Agent. We can’t wait for you to play this one. Prepare for sabotage and deception at its finest.

Season Five of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone launches August 12

The next step of Perseus’ plan is finally in play as the Numbers Program gets broadcast to field agents around the world, on both sides of the conflict. The mind-altering message affects all but the most resilient Operators, turning former allies into sudden enemies.

Season Five of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone arrives on PlayStation on August 12. Here’s what you need to know:

New weapons and Kitsune lead the Season Five Battle Pass

The Season Five Battle Pass brings two new weapons: the EM2 and TEC-9.

EM2 (Tier 15) – The full-auto EM2 assault rifle comes equipped with a built-in low-optic zoom for improved accuracy. It features a slower fire rate with reliable range.

TEC-9 (Tier 31) – Extend out of close-range with the TEC-9’s improved accuracy, low recoil, and slower fire rate. A versatile SMG with solid damage output.

Purchase the Season Five Battle Pass to gain access to all 100 tiers of content, including Kitsune, the Japanese self-taught cybersecurity expert and world-class thief, instantly at Tier 0. And for the first time, an additional exclusive Kitsune Operator Skin can also be instantly unlocked with a Battle Pass Bundle purchase at the start of the season.

Earn two more weapons — the Marshal shotgun/pistol hybrid and Cane melee weapon — by completing their-game challenges or by purchasing their corresponding Store bundles later in the season.

Get more on PlayStation — exclusive content for Black Ops Cold War<

Skater XL online Multiplayer Free Skate mode launches today

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What’s up PlayStation Nation?! We are very happy to be back on the blog to announce that Skater XL Multiplayer Free Skate mode is now available for PlayStation players! With this update, friends from all corners of the world can link up online and share a skate session, regardless of location, weather, or physical ability.  

Skater XL online Multiplayer Free Skate mode launches today

Skateboarding is more fun with friends, and there’s nothing quite like hanging out, talking shop, and vibing off each other. That essential experience inspired us to create Skater XL’s online Multiplayer Free Skate mode.

Multiplayer Free Skate mode is built to replicate the energy and hype of a real life skate session as closely as possible.  No rules or barriers, you and the homies decide where to skate, what to skate, and how to skate it.  Whether you want to match each other trick for trick, choreograph party lines, or just vibe off each other in a more freeform way, Multiplayer Free Skate provides the platform.

The social component of skateboarding has always been part of our vision for Skater XL, so we’ve given Multiplayer Free Skate players the capability to capture and save video of impressive lines and momentous trick moments using the in-game replay editor. Videos are a big part of the culture and we felt it was important to give players a way to share and rewatch their favorite moments long after the session is complete.  A check of the Instagram #SkaterXL will give you an idea of the amazing content that is already coming out of the creative community. 

Building on our foundational goal of giving skate gamers more control than any prior title with our innovative Independent Foot Control system, the opening of the social ecosystem will allow for an even more immersive experience through increased interactions, collaboration, and more lively environments.  

 Multiplayer Free Skate is our first step in opening up social modes in the game and features: 

  • Skate with up to 10 people online – Join a random room or start your own private one and invite your friends to join using a passcode
  • Replays – Replay and save your group party lines, with the same replay editor functionality available in single player mode

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