Auto Chess Season 13 Ocean Voyage launches July 22

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Auto Chess is going stronger than ever with a mountain of new content coming in Season 13. Discover the origins of the brand-new Civet race and forge into battle with one of their most formidable warriors. Dive into a fresh new look with the Ocean Voyage theme. And take co-op play to the next level with a new simplified duo mode! Season 13 is sizing up to be a seriously epic upgrade to your battling experience. Let’s take a closer look.

Featuring a new chess piece from the brand-new Civet race, Gem Artisan

Raised under the barren sand dunes of the new continent, the Civet dwell in a subterranean dungeon encircled by a dark river. They’ve adapted to thrive in both the searing heat and extreme cold of their dry desert home. Imbued with the natural ability to sense powerful sources of magic, the Civet mine and process all kinds of elemental gemstones to amplify their own power. Their expertise has led them to establish their own Gemstone System and Artisan lineages. 

Mana is the most skilled Artisan of the Civet race, and leads the way in the development of gemstone craft. On behalf of her people, she joined the United Continental Army and led the Magic Source Union to achieve a breakthrough in the transformation of Era Crystals to Gemstone, thus advancing the Cold Sealing Project. Due to her success, Mana earned the reputation and title of “Gem Artisan”.

Auto Chess Season 13 Ocean Voyage launches July 22

Season 13 Chess Pass available July 26

Dive into the new Season 13 theme: Ocean Voyage

Open the Ocean Magic Box for a chance to get Legendary Skin Wave Assassin! Once you reach Rook Rank you’ll earn brand-new Chess Player, Sharky. Don’t forget to check out a huge amount of new Ocean Voyage-themed combat decorations and chat emoji, and level up to earn chess skin fragments.

Purchase Senior Pass

  1. Unlock new Chess Player Mermaid Princess when you upgrade Senior Pass to level 30.
  2. Unlock the Orange Chessboard: Coral Realm when you reach Senior Pass level 80. 
  3. Brand new chests are waiting for you from Level 1 when you purchase a Senior Pass. Come and choose your favorite items!

New Workshop map – Lite 2v2 mode 

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Turn up the Heat for the MLB The Show 21 Summer Circuit Tournament

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 Three Open Qualifiers. One Grand Final. $25,000 in total cash prizing.

Get ready to show off your Diamond Dynasty squad in MLB The Show 21’s first competitive cross-platform tournament circuit. Everyone who plays all their matches on day one wins Stubs, and we’ve got even more prizes on the line for our elite competitors.

Turn up the Heat for the MLB The Show 21 Summer Circuit Tournament

The cross-platform Summer Circuit is available to those 18+ in the U.S. and Canada, and offers three Open Qualifiers ahead of the Final, giving fans plenty of chances to compete.

  • The first qualifier begins July 24, the second qualifier on August 7, and the third qualifier on August 21.
  • Participants will compete in a Swiss tournament system through the qualifier rounds on day one. Day two will feature a single-elimination bracket with the top players competing from day one. 
  • The Grand Finals will feature a single-elimination bracket format featuring the top 64 players from the Open Qualifiers. 

The Summer Circuit is open to all eligible participants* and every player can qualify for the Grand Finals and earn a shot at $25,000 USD in total cash prizing, Stubs, as well as MLB merch prize packages.

For the Grand Finals, the top four competitors will play on the San Diego Studio Twitch channel. The winner will bring home $15,000, a $1,000 MLB Shop digital gift card, one game-used ball from Home Run Derby, and 1,050,000 Stubs! 

To register and view all the unique prizes you can win during the Summer Circuit head over to Battlefy. Additionally, make sure to check out the Competition Center, the home of all PlayStation competitive gaming content and for more details on the game and tips to help you be the best in the Summer Circuit. 

Before you go, get ready to step up to the plate with a few tips to help your game. And remember, the most important tip is to practice, practice, practice!

  1. MLB The Show 21 introduced Pinpoint Pitching, a new way to deliver the highest level of accuracy in your throws. Try it, but use the pitching mode that suits your style of gameplay best.
  1. Throw some intentional balls and don’t be predictable when pitching. Once a batter is behind in the count, they may be more likely to chase a wide pitch and strike out. Shake it up and work the count!
  1. There are many ways to customize your PCI (including color) in the options menu. Change it up to find the one that helps you maximize your gameplay. Then spend time in the practice mode to get your timing down with the interface you chose.

Share of the Week: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Photo Mode

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Last month, the masterminds at Insomniac Games updated Photo Mode features in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. To highlight some of the new character poses, stickers, and other features, we asked you to share your inter-dimensional creations using #PSShare #PSBlog. Get a load of your favorite Lombaxes with this week’s highlights: 

Photoingame shows off Ratchet’s stoic side in this moody piece.

Fleshy26 demonstrates that Gold Bolts are easy to grab, if you just use stickers instead.

PKDrone shares an absolutely stellar shot of Rivet.

Totootyanoman captures multiple Ratchets thanks to this Phantom Dash shot.

Sarokeye shows that Rivet is truly a gem amidst vivid crystalline colors.

RivetFan lives up to their name making the Lombax look like a fierce football/soccer star.

Search #PSshare #PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram to see more entries to this week’s theme. Want to be featured in the next Share of the Week? 

THEME: Ghost of Tsushima’s first anniversary


Embark on an Expedition in Path of Exile’s latest expansion, out July 28

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Oh, yes! An Expedition awaits. What a joyous time to embark on an adventure, detonate explosives, and fight off hordes of undead Kalguur. To what end, you ask? Riches, glory, and power. Of course. Path of Exile’s latest expansion can be played July 28 and includes all the hallmarks of the best games in the action RPG genre – powerful items, intense combat and, of course, terrifying, everpresent death. 

In Expedition, you’ll assist Kalguuran traders in their efforts to recover the artifacts lost by their ancestors. Unable to fight the dangers of Wraeclast alone, they enlist your violent services to clear out their Expedition sites so that they may plunder the treasures buried below. You must strategically lay a series of explosives, detonate them, and then cull the deadly horde that rises from the earth. If you can manage this, ancient Kalguuran artifacts will be yours for the taking. Each of the Kalguuran traders provides a unique style of trade, offering the opportunity to deal, barter or gamble the artifacts in exchange for their tempting wares. 

You may also discover Logbooks which chronicle the whereabouts of many hidden treasures from their past. These Logbooks can be crafted to maximise their danger and level of rewards. Take them to Dannig, the Kalguuran leader, and he’ll give passage to these far-off locations. These sprawling Expedition sites expose an unfathomable horde of monsters once unearthed. These areas can also contain secret passages which lead to exotic treasures and formidable bosses. 

In addition to the tempting lure of hidden treasure in the Expedition League, you’ll also uncover 19 new ways to build your character. Path of Exile is all about customising your gameplay to your heart’s desire and one of the fundamental building blocks of doing so is through skill and support gems. In this expansion, we wanted to really shake up Path of Exile’s metagame by providing a swathe of new options for character building. As such, we designed 19 new gems that are each themed around our Ascendancy Classes. 

One of our favourite gems from this lineup is the new Summon Reaper skill, it was designed for Necromancers and summons a powerful minion which performs powerful attacks that cause enemies to bleed, can be commanded to attack specific locations, and literally feeds off of your other minions. There’s also the Spectral Helix gem which was designed for the Ascendant. It throws out a ghostly copy of your weapon which spirals outward from your location, harming any enemies it passes through.

As an extension of our desire to shake up Path of Exile’s metagame,

Wayward Strand – a heartfelt story coming to PS5 and PS4

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Hey there! It’s Goldie and Jason from the Wayward Strand team, based in Melbourne, Australia. We’ve been working on this game since 2016, when our ideas were just doodles on scraps of paper, so it feels both incredibly exciting and quite surreal to be here on the official PlayStation Blog to tell you our exciting news: Wayward Strand will be coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4!

Wayward Strand – a heartfelt story coming to PS5 and PS4

Wayward Strand is a new type of playable story, set in a living world. It’s a thoughtful, heart-warming tale, woven together from multiple distinct threads, all of which play out simultaneously aboard an airborne hospital in 1970s Australia. (Yep – that’s the hospital airship up there!)

You play as Casey, a teenage girl visiting the hospital for the first time. Your mum is the head nurse of the brand new hospital that’s being constructed on the airship, and she’s asked you to spend three days in the aged care ward, where you’ll explore the mysteries of the ship, and get to know the elderly patients and staff.

There are over a dozen characters who live or work on the airship that you can meet and spend time with, each going about their lives as you explore. Some are charming, some eccentric, some rude – each has their own desires, goals and imaginations.

You’ll meet Esther Fitzgerald, an eccentric older resident who used to work as a psychic on call-in radio and who now communes with spirits aboard the ship. Esther can be blunt, and won’t hesitate to tell you whatever’s on their mind – if you can prove that you’re trustworthy enough to confide in.

Or, you might meet Neil Avery – before becoming a resident he had a successful career as a motivational speaker and writer of self-help books, and he’s planning to write a book about the ship itself. He’s friendly and very talkative, and has almost too much advice for Casey on her fledgling career as a high school journalist.

During your playthrough of Wayward Strand, as you are spending time with one


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