PlayStation Plus games for May: Battlefield V, Stranded Deep, Wreckfest: Drive Hard. Die Last.

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Join forces with players worldwide as you plunge yourself into the dark heart of battle, crunch metal and burn rubber on a carnage-filled racetrack against friends or strip back to the bare essentials and attempt to survive a treacherous paradise solo. Enticing, challenging prospects all, but which will you try first when next month’s PlayStation Plus games launch on May 4?

Let’s take a closer look at those games coming to PS5 and PS4 consoles next week. 

 Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last | PS5*

Burn rubber, break rules and shred metal in this full-contact racer from the creator of the FlatOut. Race and upgrade patched-together cars, improving their looks and toughening up their body armour to survive the epic crashes and neck-to-neck fights over the finish line in competitive races. Enjoy some hilarity in Challenge modes as you get behind the wheel of crop harvesters, three-wheelers and much more, then challenge your friends online in multiplayer up to 24 players**.

Battlefield V | PS4

Enter mankind’s greatest conflict with Battlefield V as the series goes back to its roots in a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2. Experience all-out multiplayer** with your squad in the vast Grand Operations and the cooperative Combined Arms, or take on single player War Stories. As you fight in epic, unexpected locations across the globe, enjoy the richest, most immersive Battlefield yet.

PlayStation Plus games for May: Battlefield V, Stranded Deep, Wreckfest: Drive Hard. Die Last.

Stranded Deep | PS4

Test your survival skills in this open world adventure. In the aftermath of a mysterious plane crash, you are stranded in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Alone, without any means to call for help, you must do what you can to survive. Explore underwater and on land as you hunt for supplies to craft the tools, weapons, and shelter you’ll need to stay alive. Stay sharp: hunger, thirst, and exposure conspire against you as you brave treacherous elements and the dangerous creatures of the Pacific.

All games will be available for PlayStation Plus members to add to their library until Monday, May 31.

Last chance to download

Mayhem never looked so good in Destruction AllStars star studded Season 1 – Hotshots

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Hey everyone, the team at Lucid has been working hard during the launch of Destruction AllStars and we’ve had a blast interacting with you on Twitter and elsewhere in the community on Reddit and Discord. We’re really grateful for all the feedback we’ve been receiving as well as all the chaos and carnage we’ve been seeing in the arena! We’re back with a brand new trailer and your first look at Destruction AllStars’ first season, Hotshots!

Mayhem never looked so good in Destruction AllStars star studded Season 1 – Hotshots

Season 1

We’re just a week away from the launch of our first season in Destruction AllStars. Seasons are our way of injecting new content into the game for all players, as well as adding in new cosmetics items to help you customise your AllStars to reflect your personality. In our last blog post, we revealed that our first season will be called Hotshots, and we also dropped a few teasers around our first new AllStar being added to the roster since the game’s launch. We’re here to flesh out what you can expect from Season One, starting with a closer look at our new AllStar. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to Alba.

New character

Alba is a veteran of Destruction AllStars who is returning to the competition after several years away from the event. She’s a fierce competitor hailing from Scotland who brings a clear sense of determination to the arena, along with a high-tech armoured battle suit. We’ll be learning more about Alba through her Challenge Series which will be released alongside Season One.

In the arena, we’re really expecting Alba to shake things up. Her on-foot ability, or Character Breaker, summons blockers out of the ground in front of her. These blockers, called bulwarks, act in the same way that blockers do in our arena. They are immovable objects, physically stopping competitors as they try to drive on through. Being able to use these bulwarks anywhere in the arena opens up tactical opportunities for disrupting opposing players or protecting yourself from an incoming vehicle when you’re on foot.

Alba’s hero vehicle, Claymore, is where the sparks really start to fly. Her hero vehicle functions a little differently to the other vehicles in Des

Returnal survival guide: Housemarque’s gameplay tips for Atropos

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Hello everyone! We’re finally closing in to the launch of Returnal, and we’re incredibly excited for everyone to finally experience our biggest and most ambitious title to date. Before we let you venture off onto the mysterious world of Returnal, our team here at Housemarque would like to share a final round of tips and tricks to help you survive the hostile planet of Atropos.

Returnal survival guide: Housemarque’s gameplay tips for Atropos

In Returnal, one of our central themes is answering the call of the void. Our main character Selene receives a mysterious message coming from Atropos, and – against her better judgement and Astra orders – feels morbidly compelled to investigate it. The result: Selene crash lands her ship Helios on the hostile alien planet, and gets trapped in an endless, nightmarish cycle of death and rebirth. Her only hope is to break the cycle, before the cycle breaks her.

In a similar fashion, once Selene is trapped on Atropos her undying curiosity and relentless determination will continue to push her forward. She will scan, analyse and experiment with all kinds of alien devices, abandoned technologies, and all sorts of strange items, natural flora and even parasites with unpredictable properties. Exploring the planet and expanding her arsenal is the only hope for Selene to survive, find answers, and ultimately solve the mystery of Atropos.

Leave no alien stone unturned

The planet is a place brimming with secrets that will reward the most intrepid explorers. Each cycle is guaranteed to be unique, and your trusty map system will always be there to assist you in navigating towards your next goal.

While you can always take a direct path to your Primary Objective, you will have a better chance to succeed if you devote time to explore the environments more carefully, and remain on the lookout for secret doors, hidden switches and juicy rewards off the beaten path. Here’s a few things that you can find on your journey:


These are items that will have beneficial effects lasting for the duration of that cycle. They can have passive effects (for example the Reactive Stabilizers, which reduce the chance of being knocked down by enemy attacks), or activate under certain conditions (like the Fractal Nail, which increases your damage whenever you have a suit malfunction). Some rare artifacts like the Astronaut Figurine can even resurrect you on the spot, which can make the critical difference between triumphing against a Boss battle o

Games Under promotion returns to PlayStation Store

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The Games Under promotion returns to PlayStation Store. Starting Wednesday, April 28 and ending May 12 at 11.59pm (local time), it offers numerous PlayStation games at a discount. That includes the likes of Star Wars: Squadrons, Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies Chronicles Edition and Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.