Introducing Concord—a new PVP multiplayer FPS from Firewalk Studios coming to PS5 and PC

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It’s been an exciting few weeks for all of us at Firewalk Studios! After sharing the news last month that Firewalk would be joining PlayStation Studios, today, we are thrilled to confirm the title of our upcoming game: Concord. Announced during today’s PlayStation Showcase, Concord is our new PvP multiplayer first-person shooter coming to PS5 and PC in 2024. While we’re still hard at work on development, we wanted to share this small introduction to Concord. Check it out:

Introducing Concord—a new PVP multiplayer FPS from Firewalk Studios coming to PS5 and PC

Concord is a bringing together of peoples. It’s the power of games to build connection and inspire social play. The Firewalk team is driven by the type of exciting, unexpected moments and shared experiences that multiplayer games create. Every time you log on is the beginning of a new adventure and every match is an opportunity for a new story. It’s these ideals that define Concord, its unique universe of vibrant worlds, and its rich cast of colorful characters.

There’s so much more we can’t wait to share with you and we’re looking forward to fully revealing Concord ahead of launch next year. In the meantime, you can keep up with us by following Firewalk on your favorite social platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.

Beat Saber launches on PS VR2 today with new Queen Music Pack

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You heard right. Beat Saber, one of the best-selling VR games of all time, is now available on PlayStation VR2. And we’re proud to announce that the Queen Music Pack is out now for $13.99 USD. With 11 iconic songs from the legendary rock band, the pack also features a new custom environment and unique light show for every song in the music pack.

Beat Saber launches on PS VR2 today with new Queen Music Pack

Enjoy improved performance with the PlayStation VR2 version of Beat Saber, compared to the previous PlayStation VR version. Better yet, if you already own Beat Saber on PS VR, you can upgrade to PS VR2 for free. Any Beat Saber music packs previously purchased on PS VR are also transferable to PS VR2 at no extra cost.

The Queen Music Pack is a carefully curated track list full of great rock anthems from the band that redefined not only the music industry but influenced culture and lifestyle as well. The new custom environment features the silhouettes of the band members and a beautiful light show, unique to each song. All the levels also include our latest game mechanic: Arc & Chain Notes. Music packs are sold as additional content to the game.

Check the Queen Music Pack Hit Tracklist:

  • Another One Bites the Dust
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • Don’t Stop Me Now
  • I Want It All
  • Killer Queen
  • One Vision
  • Somebody to Love
  • Stone Cold Crazy
  • We Are The Champions
  • We Will Rock You

A lot has changed since 2018, when we first launched Beat Saber on PlayStation VR. We’ve released 5 free Original Soundtracks and 17 music packs featuring artists like Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Linkin Park, Billie Eilish and more. We launched trending songs like Pop/Stars and fun meme songs like Crab Rave. Beat Saber now has a library with almost 200 songs from chart-topping artists and indie darlings.

Through the years we’ve added multiplayer and avatars to celebrate our community and give players meaningful new ways to play with others and express the

Bungie unveils Marathon

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Today Bungie makes history with the announcement of its first completely new project in more than a decade: Marathon. A sci-fi PvP extraction shooter, Marathon will find players engaging one another as cybernetic mercenaries known as Runners, exploring a lost colony on the planet of Tau Ceti IV in search of riches, fame, and infamy. Marathon is currently in development for PlayStation 5 and PC with full cross-play and cross-save.

Bungie unveils Marathon

To mark the announcement, we spoke with Marathon General Manager Scott Taylor and Game Director Christopher Barrett to find out more about where we are in the race towards Marathon. 

Today you announced Marathon – the first entirely new project announcement from Bungie in more than a decade. How hard has it been keeping this under wraps for so long? 

Scott Taylor: So hard! It’s so wild to be talking about this in front of the world. As a team, we’ve been completely immersed in developing this world behind closed doors at Bungie. Even though there’s still a long way to go before release, it’s fantastic to be able to open up (even just a little) and share what we’ve all been working on.

The name “Marathon” obviously conjures up visions of the original game from 1994 but this is something new.

Christopher Barrett: Finding the right balance is one of the most fun parts of development! We have a tremendous amount of respect for the original Marathon games and, from the very start, we’ve wanted to honor that, especially the mythology, story, and themes of the world. At the same time, our vision for this game is something new. It’s not a direct sequel to the originals, but something that certainly belongs in the same universe and that feels like a Bungie game. Finding those opportunities to nod to the universe’s lore, while also getting to build something different and new has been one of the best parts of developing this game so far.

It’s our aim to create something incredible both for players who are completely new to the Marathon world and for those that have been waiting years for more stories in the Marathon universe. You don’t need to know anything about Marathon to understand or play this game, but if you do, we’re making the experience with references and deep cuts you’ll recognize. 

You mentioned that Marathon will feel like a Bungie game. What does that mean for you?


Immersive PS VR2 action-shooter, Synapse, launches on July 4

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In a previous PS Blog article, I talked about Synapse’s dual-wielding action that combines brutal firepower and expressive one-to-one telekinesis. Today, I’m delighted to share the first details of the game’s story and reveal our A-list cast of voice talent.

Before I get into that, I’m proud to unveil our latest gameplay trailer that offers a tantalizing glimpse of the high-stakes mission that awaits you.

Immersive PS VR2 action-shooter, Synapse, launches on July 4

Be the enemy within

Synapse takes place on the eve of a devastating global attack, masterminded by the nefarious Colonel Peter Conrad. Once a respected black ops leader, the Colonel has since gone rogue and become a notorious enemy of the state whose twisted thinking has reached dangerous new levels as he re-emerges onto the world stage threatening Armageddon.

That’s where you come in. You play as a highly trained operative, uniquely equipped to extract the information needed to stop the attack. After activating a scanner connected to the Colonel – you’re transported into the neuro-synaptic relay, a gateway within the Colonel’s mind.

You have no option but to break further into the Colonel’s twisted mindscape, battling against his increasingly deadly defenses as you bid to find the vital intel on how to prevent the launch of his biological weapon.

However, you’re not completely alone on this perilous mission. Your Handler, Clara Sorensen – a Director of the ultra-secretive Bureau V will be your only connection to the outside world, guiding you through each layer of Colonel Conrad’s warped subconscious.

Meet the cast

We always had a clear idea of the two actors that we wanted to portray the Colonel and the Handler, and we’re thrilled that both have agreed to lend their voices to the characters. So, let’s introduce you to a couple of familiar faces…

David Hayter as Colonel Peter Conrad

The legendary David Hayter (Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid) is the voice of Colonel Peter Conrad. We worked with David on one of our previous games and he was not only a fantastic voice actor but a wonderful collaborative partner. We felt that Colonel Conrad had the potential to join the legendary cast of characters that David has portrayed. Luckily for us, David agreed and he’s just

First look at Arizona Sunshine 2 revealed, launches on PS VR2 this year

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It’s time to say hello to your old pal, Fred. Arizona Sunshine 2, the next-gen sequel to the award-winning VR apocalypse, packs even more gore-geous zombie action when it arrives on PlayStation VR2 later this year.

Welcome back to sun-kissed, zombified Arizona. Take on the form of our dark-humored protagonist once more and set out on the cinematic next chapter of our VR journey in search of answers. In a post-apocalyptic world where every bullet counts, experience the thrill of realistic combat as you wield all-new and fan-favorite weapons–from shotguns to machetes and flamethrowers. An all-new melee combat system will push you to the very brink of your limits as you slaughter Freds (the zombies, for those of you who’d like to know) like never before in full, immersive next-gen glory.

And what’s better than braving the end of the world? Surviving it with your new best friend — Buddy. (We thought it was an original name, too.) Not only is Buddy your four-legged companion through thick and thin, he’s also the goodest boy and will help take down those pesky Freds for you. In a desolate world, suddenly you’re not so alone anymore.

So what are you waiting for? Hit that wishlist button and get ready for the next chapter of Arizona Sunshine. With more features to be revealed in the coming months, you won’t want to miss out on the undead PS VR2 action later this year.


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