Action-roguelite platformer Trinity Fusion comes to PS4 and PS5

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Hello readers of PlayStation Blog! My name is Craig, I’m one of the designers at Angry Mob Games, and I’d like to introduce you all to our latest project.

Trinity Fusion is a sci-fi action rogue-lite where the only way to save the Multiverse is to end it. We’ve been hard at work getting the game ready for its PlayStation debut, and we’re very excited to finally announce that the game is coming to both PS4 and PS5!

Action-roguelite platformer Trinity Fusion comes to PS4 and PS5

About Trinity Fusion

Trinity Fusion is a 2.5D action rogue-lite set in a doomed, man-made multiverse. In it, you’ll play as Maya, a woman psychically connected with her three parallel selves.

Their worlds are falling apart around them, and you’re the key element in a plan to reconnect them, fusing each of their scattered worlds back together into one stable whole.

The combat experience

Trinity Fusion is all about great-feeling combat. It’s a dance of slashes and dodges punctuated with satisfying special moves. We’re taking everything we learned from building our previous fighting game, Brawlout, and applying it to a purely PvE experience.

Each of your alternate selves have their own set of unique abilities and weapons to help them fight through their worlds. As their worlds fuse, so will your alternate selves, granting you access to the abilities and weapons from each of your combined selves at the same time. This can allow you to mix and match the strengths of each character’s unique weapon set, or unlock new abilities that none of the base characters have access to.

A deep, universe-hopping backstory

How did the multiverse end up in such a dire situation? Who are these people and machines that oppose you? Learn the backstory of the multiverse by speaking with the diverse cast of characters in the Citadel, Trinity Fusion’s hub world, and uncover

Exoprimal hands-on: Fight swarms of dinosaurs with your friends

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In the futurescape of Exoprimal, climate change turned out slightly differently than everyone expected. Instead of rising oceans and heat waves, humanity deals with torrential downpours of hungry, flesh-rending dinosaurs. Fortunately, the AIBIUS corporation is here with cutting-edge exosuit technology to take out the history-displaced hordes–they just need some warm bodies to go inside the suits.

This past weekend, gamers joined the Exoprimal open beta test to suit up for some cooperative (and competitive) cold-blooded creature culling. But don’t worry if you missed out: we’re here to give you the details of Exoprimal’s uniquely chaotic team PvE experience.

Dino Survival

Exoprimal’s beta focused on Dino Survival–a five-versus-five online multiplayer wargame and the main mode of the game’s full release in July. After character creation and a brief control tutorial, you’re matched with other fresh recruits, split into two teams, and brought into a simulation created by Leviathan, an advanced AI who masterminds the combat games to come. The winning condition is simple: be the first team to complete Leviathan’s directives. But that’s easier said than done, especially when those goals always involve an onslaught of crazed giant reptiles from another dimension.

Finding the right exosuit

Since you’re playing on a team, cooperation and coordination are key–and you’ve got an array of exosuits with distinct combat abilities to fill the roles you’ll need to succeed. The beta allowed access to the full array of exosuits, which come in the following categories:

●  Assault (Deadeye, Zephyr, Barrage, Vigilant): Attack-focused suits designed for rending reptiles through a variety of long-range and melee attacks.
●  Tank (Roadblock, Krieger, Murasame): Heavily armored units that can soak up a lot of damage–but can also bring heavy hits when needed.
●  Support (Witchdoctor, Skywave, Nimbus): Fast, speedy suits that heal and deliver tactical buffs to allies or status ailments to enemies.

Even within the same category, the suits function in very different ways. In the support category, there’s the Witchdoctor–a unit focused on repair and buffs that can zip around pretty well but not quite as well as the healer/attacker hybrid-on-wheels Nimbus. And neither of those two can soar like the graceful Skywave, which can take to the air to grant healing waves to allies–as well as curse a horde of foes with status ailments–all at a safe distance. (Until the winged dinos show up.)

Roadblock is the archetypical tank unit–a little slow, lots of health, ginormous shields–but another very popular Tank-type choice among beta players was the Murasame, a faster suit with a melee-focused skillset. Not only can you leap into a pack of dinosaurs and slice dozens up before your health drops, but you can also carefully charge and counterattack to slay oh-so-skillfully.

Every one of these exosuits is packed with personality–quite literally, as the suits themselves speak with unique voices and provide their own commentary throughout battle. Each suit has unique controls and abilities that fill its archetypal roles in interesting and creative

Five Tchia features to become the ultimate adventurer

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Hi everyone, I’m Phil Crifo, Tchia’s game director and co-founder of Awaceb. We are so excited that tomorrow Tchia launches to the world, and it’s the culmination of an incredible 5-year adventure for a tiny team making a big game.  

As we’re nearing the release, we wanted to give you a final look at how we expanded on the sandbox open-world formula. If you’re new to Tchia, no doubt the below overview will bring you up to speed before you dive in the game on PS4 and PS5.  

To prepare you for the adventure that lies ahead, we also wanted to give you a few early-game tips. And so here are some of the top five items & features that you will be using in the game’s opening hours 


Tchia’s trusty slingshot was gifted to her by her father, Joxu. It’s the very first tool you’ll receive in the game, and it will come in handy to aim at trees and knock down coconuts or bananas to consume and restore your energy. It’s also a useful weapon to wield against the Maano – the fabric-made creatures that have abducted Tchia’s father – to buy some time as you’re trying to find flammable items to get rid of them once and for all.  

You can also test your aiming skills in shooting range challenges, where reaching the top score will get you a golden trophy. Those will prove very useful for other activities.  

The slingshot also leverages some of the unique PS5 features, such as the adaptive triggers, where you’ll feel the weight of the sling at the tips of your fingers. And if you feel like becoming an expert sharpshooter, you can activate the motion sensor for a more accurate aim.  Give it a go, it’s accessible to toggle on or off in the menu. 


One of Tchia’s most unique features is the Ukulele. You can harness the powers of this magical instrument with just a few strums. It’s fully playable, customizable, and also a game-changer.  

Gifted to Tchia by Joxu’s best friend Tre, the ukulele can be used for a whole host of things. Through unlockable magical tunes called Soul Melodies, Tchia can affect the world around her, make new items or animals appear to give her the edge in exploration and combat. The ukulele also comes into play at some heart-warming story moments in the game, where you can play along to scripted songs.  

When resting at a camp, you can also style up your Ukulele to suit you, with many options to customize it to your own personal taste. 

For those who want to jam a little more freely, Tchia’s ukulele is fully playable, and you can experiment with an entire musical scale. Whether you want to play chords or a single string, bend notes, pluck or tweak your way to musical greatness – the choice is yours to play whatever you want! We are very excited to see what you do with this feature.  


From the early days of developing Tchia, we always intended to make a game that felt like a toy-box. We designed Soul-jumping with that in mind. Soul-jumping is one of Tchia’s inherent powers and you’ll use this to take control of almost any item or animal you can find in the archipelago.  

Tips on surviving The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution on PS VR2

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Hello, Tourist. Your next adventure awaits in the war-torn, walker-infested streets of New Orleans, with new threats, action-packed combat, and even more walkers. And then there’s the dreaded Axeman hell-bent on retribution.

To help you on your journey, our team at Skydance Interactive has prepared a survival guide for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution. The game releases on PlayStation VR2 tomorrow, March 21.

Pack for the trip

In The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, you’ve got to prepare for anything and everything. Unending herds of walkers, diabolical individuals plotting your every downfall, and an unrelenting, seemingly unstoppable Axeman, to name a few. You’ll face intense challenges every time you set foot outside of base camp, so you’ll need the right resources.

First, upgrade your inventory size as soon as you can. To do this, you’ll need to upgrade the Gear Station at base camp to Level 6, and from there you can obtain the “Deep Pockets” upgrade. This adds nine inventory slots to your backpack and an extra large slot to carry two-handed weapons (such as the coveted chainsaw). Increasing your inventory size will help you in the long run with crafting healing items, weapons and other necessary upgrades.

In addition, upgrading your armor will help protect you against the walkers and enemies you encounter on your missions. Explore the new catacombs near base camp and you’ll find a new Heaving Plating Armor recipe to craft.

Weapons are a given (more on that below), but the right food will replenish your health and stamina when you need it most. We recommend crafting your own food using the recipes available in-game; while eating a can of beans you found could help you in a pinch, there is the likelihood it’ll make you sick, and you’ll need to craft medicine to undo the effects of eating low quality food. Some of the best recipes you’ll want to try are beignets, gumbo, and jambalaya.

Lastly, pack enough bandages and medicine each time you venture out into the city to heal yourself when you’re caught in a bad spot. The new crafting tables at base camp feature upgrades which can make healing, low stamina and curing sickness a worry of the past.

Know your weaponry

You’ll encounter a variety of weapons to help in your battle against walkers, members of the Tower and other dangers lurking around every corner. As powerful as each weapon can be, it’ll be of no use if you don’t know how to use it to your advantage. The most important thing is to take your time with a new weapon, and understand your best way to reload it. Be sure to try it out on a few sparse walkers before you rely on it for a herd.

Some of the most powerful weapons have nasty weaknesses for balance reasons, so you’ll need to understand each weapon’s unique features. They may be great for cutting through a herd but horrible against humans, or very good at range but nightmarish in close quarters.

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Sonic Frontiers update brings new Challenge mode, Photo Mode, and Jukebox tracks March 22

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Get ready, Sonic fans – it’s time to keep the Sonic Frontiers excitement going with new updates players are sure to love. On Wednesday, March 22 at 5pm PT / Thursday, March 23 at 1am CET, the first of three Sonic Frontiers content updates this year – the Sights, Sounds, and Speed Update – will release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Fans can try out new features such as a Photo Mode to capture memories of their adventures, new Challenge Modes to test their strength against powerful foes, and the Jukebox to play their favorite Sonic Frontiers tracks around the Starfall Islands.

Photo Mode

To capture memories of your journey, open the pause menu to access Photo Mode, which will pause gameplay and bring up a freely moveable camera to position the shot however you want. This mode may be inaccessible during certain parts of the game. 

Whether you’re battling enemies, rail grinding, or performing awesome Air Tricks, you can capture Sonic in action across various landscapes to create the perfect scene for your photo. You can also choose between seven visual filters to add some flare to your photos.

If you need some help, you can turn on a grid to frame the perfect image or reset the camera with the right analog stick to change the photo’s angle and mood.

New Challenge modes

After completing the main story campaign, challenge modes are instantly playable via the title screen.

The new Cyber Space Challenge is a time-attack mode where you’ll complete seven stages from each island (Kronos, Ares, Chaos) while competing against the clock.

Also, Sonic Frontiers now offers Battle Rush, a timed-battle mode where you rapidly defeat multiple rounds of enemies, Guardians, and Titans in one go. Aim for the fastest clear time, and you may get a special surprise.

For more on how to master your gameplay strategies and explore the Starfall Islands, check out the Sonic Frontiers: Speed Strats series on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube to become the most formidable force in the frontier.


Play your favorite Sonic tunes throughout the Starfall Islands with the new Jukebox feature, which includes music from Sonic Frontiers and past Sonic games, if you want a bit of nostalgia as you explore! Some of the tracks include:

  • Sega Sound Team, Tomoya Ohtani, Merry Kirk-Holmes – I’m Here (Sonic Frontiers)
  • Crush 40 – Live & Learn (Sonic Adventure 2)
  • Crush 40 – Open Your Heart (Sonic Adventure)
  • Sega Sound Team, Tomoya Ohtani – Reach For The Stars (Sonic Colors Ultimate), and much more.

You can listen to any of the 53 songs – 13 of which are instantly unlocked and playable as soon as the game is updated. Unlock the remaining 40 songs by collecting Sound Memories on each island, so keep an eye out for those orange music notes.

To change the music on the island, press r


Theme picker