Five delightful things to do in Solar Ash, out tomorrow

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Solar Ash is a game that is, at its heart, about traversing with great speed through a massive world to discover its secrets. The protagonist Rei skates over wild cloudscapes, eerie landscapes, and great ruins. She’s a stranger in a strange and dangerous land – out of her depth, but pushing forward with incredible will and commitment.

Here are five amazing things you can do in Solar Ash…

1. Take down a giant lava-bird-monster 

Rei encounters a wide variety of aggressively large creatures in all manner of forms, such as an enormous bird-like monster that resides in the lava biome in the north. Why does it live in the burning heat of such a volatile environment? Perhaps you’ll find out. Victory will require great speed, careful balance, and precise timing all while soaring through the air high above the dangerous flow of lava.

The oozing heat tempts the foolish to leap. Only the skilled survive.

2. Build out your suit collection 

As she glides, jumps, and flies across the world of Solar Ash, Rei can grab multiple pieces of gear from hidden or hard-to-reach spots strewn about the world. These will net you rewards in the form of suit parts that can be assembled to unlock new bonus powers. These may be well worth your time to find and build out and succeed on your journey through the Ultravoid.

Patience, vigilance, and exploration will be rewarded.

3. Rail-grind up an ancient ship graveyard 

The universe of Solar Ash contains a great host of desolate, abandoned structures that Rei can glide over and through. Find the derelict fleet floating above the clouds, highlighted by the uncanny glow of the sky. Grind, slash, and platform up this ominous scrapyard. Perhaps there’s something, or someone, at the end of this once-great heap to greet you?

Sometimes decrepit ruins belie great rewards.

What to expect in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season One

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With the recent launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard, we’re only days away from the start of Season One, bringing with it the launch of the new map Caldera in Warzone Pacific. Caldera marks a new era of pulse-pounding tactical combat on a massive scale.

Beginning December 8 with the start of Season One, Vanguard players get 24-hour early access to Caldera before it opens for everyone else on December 9. Featuring a dedicated Playlist with new vehicles, the introduction of Vanguard weapons, and more, there’s a whole lot to look forward to as we kick off another epic year of free content.

What to expect in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season One

Introducing Caldera

This is one big island. Caldera comprises 15 huge, distinct areas to explore and fight across, including hundreds of points of interest to investigate and use to your advantage. We’ve highlighted just three to give you an idea of what’s ahead:

Naval Arsenal

This sprawling shipyard on Caldera’s northern coast features a strategic mix of interior and exterior combat opportunities, including unusual fighting locations like the deep drydock basins and radar array. Farther inland is a cluster of large buildings housing plentiful loot.

Clear Water Lagoon

An old lighthouse overlooks a shallow bay with bamboo huts alongside a quaint coastal community with more-recently constructed homes. Traverse the lagoon to uncover its secrets, including what remains of Captain Butcher’s plane.

Caldera Capital City

Set into a huge natural basin along the southern shore of the island, Caldera’s main city features a variety of historical structures built on either side of a working tramway system. Hillside suburbs and a lighthouse offer space and height compared to the bustling downtown, while coastal developments south of the city offer a luxurious beachfront yacht club and bar.

There’s the central volcano, too, after which the island is named. Only the fiercest Operators can hope to face its perils.

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Knockout City Season 4 starts December 7: Ride UFOs, brawl across an alien crash site

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I’m Zack Hiwiller, Lead Designer on Knockout City. I’m here to tell you that things are getting tense in Knockout City. First, we had an AI start taking over everything (Why can’t Perennial Labs just make AIs that, I dunno, help you find somewhere to go for lunch?), and now? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. It’s better if you just… watch. Here, check it out in this trailer:

Knockout City Season 4 starts December 7: Ride UFOs, brawl across an alien crash site

One of the benefits of developing a live service game like Knockout City is that you can constantly try new things. If these things work for players, you build on them. If not, you try something else. The cycles can be really rapid. We want to constantly update game content and keep each experience fresh; we packed Season 3 with events, and you can expect more where that came from in Season 4. We have four two-week events planned for a twelve-week season which starts with our Conflict Escalation Playlist on December 7 and ends, as always, with a week of Midnight Madness at the end of February. The start of Season 4 will also feature our new map: Alien Smash Site.

The level design process on Knockout City gives us the flexibility to focus on centering each level around a specific unique mechanic. For instance, at the Holowood Drive-In, we have movie vignettes that change every minute, significantly changing the level geometry throughout the match. In last season’s Lockdown Throwdown, we added menacing-looking turrets that shoot cage balls at you if you get caught in a Security Drone’s spotlight.

This Season, we’re taking brawlers to Alien Smash Site, located on a peaceful farm hovering high above the ground on the outskirts of town. It was a peaceful place in Knockout City until recently, when the Knockout City Defense Force shot down UFOs directly on top of it. It has a full range of combat spaces: tightly enclosed barns, big open gaps (more on that in a bit), and places to flank and drop into an ongoing battle. 

This is Knockout City’s biggest level so far, so it needs something to help with traversal. Luckily, the aliens have left around a bunch of little saucers that you can hover around on and zip from place to place, even using its tractor beam to suck up balls (or players in Ballform, before you chuck `em into the nearest pit). For me, using the saucers is the most fun in our Basketbrawl mode as you can ride the saucers to dunk opponent balls through the hoops.

One of Warframe’s biggest secrets revealed

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We’ve been developing Warframe now for nearly nine years strong, working diligently to create an experience that is much more than a looter shooter with fast, frenetic, and visceral action combat. Warframe boasts a dramatic cinematic storyline that we’ve spent years crafting, and often spent just as much time strategizing how we hide its epic plot twists and shocking turns that our players really value to this day. 

For years, players have been guided through Warframe by the Lotus, their Space Mom, but the true nature of their relationship has been highly guarded. As Warframe continues to evolve with the upcoming launch of our biggest cinematic expansion to date, The New War, on PS4 and PS5 December 15, we’re taking a moment to reflect on Warframe’s biggest plot twists and openly discuss pivotal moments in this blog that are key to understanding the stakes of The New War and the players’ relationship with the Lotus. 

Spoiler Alert: Major Spoiler Warning

Secrets of The Second Dream

Since we introduced The Second Dream in 2015, we’ve been extra cautious of spoilers — being careful not to spill our cup of secrets so that new players can discover the excitement of our story for themselves. We’ve gone out of our way on the development side to ensure the integrity of our plot twists remain unscathed — in 2019 we unveiled Creator Mode, which helped keep spoilers out of streams and VOD by hiding certain dialogue and transmissions when Warframe is being broadcast. Our community of players who have since completed The Second Dream Cinematic Quest in-game have also joined us in our mission of keeping this pivotal moment under wraps, hiding intimate details from other players in-game, following certain unspoken rules for interacting with new players, and even shutting down forums that threaten to virally spread news of our longest-standing question: who is behind the Warframe?

Behind the Warframe

Until The Second Dream, the nature of the Warframe is never questioned. Players control fearsome suits of futuristic armor, warriors of blade and gun, to cut down enemy onslaught and complete various missions to level up their Mastery Ranks while working across an intricate Star Chart. But from the beginning we’ve deliberately left breadcrumbs for players to pick up on that allude to more — starting with when Ordis first greets the players as “Operator” inside their Orbiter. So what is, or who is, an Operator?

The Operator is the actual player, a young human child whose Void powers are the source of their Warframe’s powerful Abilities.

Once this truth is revealed, we’ve really shaken things up for players. They’ve learned that this entire time, the Warframe they are controlling isn’t the center of the story but is a scientifically advanced biomechanical warrior being operated and mind-controlled by a sleeping child and their dreams. The narrative continues to evolve alongside the action with Quests like The War Within, but this single pivotal moment in Warframe dramatically changes the player’s perspective in-game, creating an emotionally charged shift that sets the stage for Warframe’s following story arcs. 

Revealing the Surprise

You might be wondering why we’ve decided to proactively dish out one of Warframe’s best-kept secrets in our new trailer. For over five years, our development team and community

New Dreams update brings Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale and DreamShaping 2.0

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Hold onto your buttresses – the dungeon-crawling, monster-slaying, castle-crashing Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale is out now!

Exclusively available to play in Dreams, Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale is a third-person dungeon crawler made by Media Molecule and designed to test the skills of only the bravest adventurers. Whether you’re after frantic combat against strange and silly foes, puzzles to tickle your brain cells, or a showdown against a dragon with huge teeth (and an even bigger ego), Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale has you covered.

A screenshot from Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, featuring orc twins Scoria and Gabbro running up the stairs in a dungeon towards a group of ravenous plant enemies.

Fight solo as heroic orc Scoria in single-player mode – or bring along a friend to play as Scoria’s twin, Gabbro, in local co-op mode (local co-op play still requires an internet connection). Challenge yourself to top the scoreboards by clashing with enemies and activating your Berserk chain to maximize those sweet, sweet points. 

A screenshot from Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, featuring orc twins Scoria and Gabbro raising their swords to the sky to enter Berserk mode. Lightning is shooting out of the swords. 

Will Scoria and Gabbro find the herb they need to cure their grandmother’s terrible snoring? Can their wise-cracking bat pal find his way home? And is there a reasonable explanation as to how a dragon learned the noble art of floristry? All these questions and more possibly answered within.

A screenshot from Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, featuring orc twins Scoria and Gabbro looking towards the camera with puzzled expressions.

To celebrate the launch of Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, we’re treating you to five glorious new imps, based on some of the most memorable characters from Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale. Get a load of these.

But that’s not all. This latest update also brings a significant overhaul to DreamShaping.


Screenshots of some of the new DreamShaping templates in action.

For the uninitiated: DreamShaping is the name of the Dreams create mode. Since launching Dreams, we’ve found that DreamShaping can be overwhelming for new players. With our new template system, and a reworking of the DreamShaping UI, we hope this huge update will help make getting started making games in Dreams quicker, easier and more fun than ever before.

The new version of DreamShaping includes handy game templates and brand-new elements for making a 2D platformer, a dungeon crawler, a side-scrolling shoot-’em-up, mini golf and more be


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