Disney Dreamlight Valley launches on PS5 and PS4 in 2022

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is all about giving players the chance to live a magical life alongside iconic Disney and Pixar characters.

We at Gameloft Montreal are beyond excited to unveil Disney Dreamlight Valley, our upcoming life-sim adventure game headed to Early Access on PS5 and PS4 this summer ahead of our free-to-play launch in 2023.

We have a lot to tell you, but before we introduce the game, let’s take a look at the announcement trailer:

Disney Dreamlight Valley launches on PS5 and PS4 in 2022

What is Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Set in the dream world of Dreamlight Valley, players will embark on an enchanting quest to restore a once-idyllic village now desolate and full of night thorns. Uncover the mysterious secrets that led you to this new world and explore diverse realms inspired by classic Disney and Pixar worlds, while helping the iconic inhabitants of the town recover their lost memories. During your quest to save Dreamlight Valley, you will meet and build friendships with beloved characters from Mickey & Friends to Disney’s Frozen, The Little Mermaid, and Moana to Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story, Wall-E and more.

The Gameplay of Disney Dreamlight Valley

We’re particularly proud of the game’s expansive, engrossing, story-driven campaign. The Disney and Pixar characters you meet have their own unique individualized story arcs and friendship goals, both of which you can fulfill through exploration, gift-giving, and other fun activities where you’ll get to know your friends in new ways.

Your days will be filled with everything from whipping up delectable Disney-themed desserts in your village restaurant alongside Remy from Disney and Pixar’s Ratatouille, using your latest catch from your time at the fishing hole with Goofy, as well as vegetables you planted and harvested from Wall-E’s garden patch.

As you help your new friends, you will gradually begin to remove the night thorns around Dreamlight Valley with the power of your inner magic resulting in new areas with new characters opening up for you to explore.

Best of all, we’ll be regularly updating the game with more content, including activities that coincide with new Disney and Pixar movies and events.

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PlayStation Plus games for May: FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, Curse of the Dead Gods 

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May’s PlayStation Plus lineup is revealed. PlayStation Plus members can enjoy FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard and Curse of the Dead Gods from Tuesday, May 3* when the three games are available to add to your game library. This month’s lineup also includes a bonus FIFA 22 FUT pack, exclusive to PlayStation Plus**. 

Let’s take a closer look to each game. 

PlayStation Plus games for May: FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, Curse of the Dead Gods 

FIFA 22 | PS5, PS4***

Powered by Football, EA Sports FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with gameplay advances across every mode. Build your dream squad in Ultimate Team, Create Your Club in Career Mode, and express yourself in style on the streets with reimagined Volta Football gameplay. Enjoy local or online competitive multiplayer matches on PS4 and PS5****, while the power of PS5 makes every match even more real with groundbreaking next-gen HyperMotion technology. With big innovation all over the pitch, it’s time to start your FIFA 22 season!

PlayStation Plus members can kickstart their brand-new Ultimate Team or bolster their existing squad with the PlayStation Plus FUT Pack for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. This pack includes 11 players rated 82 or above to help build your dream squad in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, as well as an Icon Moments Loan Player Pick, allowing you to choose between some of the best ballers in history and add one of three to your squad for five games.

PlayStation Plus games for May: FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, Curse of the Dead Gods 

Tribes of Midgard | PS4 & PS5

Tribes of Midgard blends survival and ARPG genres into a colorful co-op**** or solo experience set within

Beyond Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida Q&A

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From newfound adventures to long-anticipated lore explorations, the first content patch since Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion marks the beginning of a new era for Warriors of Light everywhere. Producer and director Naoki Yoshida answered a few of our burning questions about what’s to come for the critically-acclaimed MMO. (Have you heard about its free trial?)

PlayStation.Blog: Endwalker has led the Warrior of Light through an incredibly climactic adventure of unprecedented scale, closing a chapter 10 years in the making! What do you see in our Warrior of Light’s future? Doesn’t he deserve a bit of a break? How do you follow up on such a grand adventure with so much at stake?

Naoki Yoshida: I think our Warriors of Light had some rest, but erm, there wasn’t much rest for us in the development team (smiles bitterly). Please look forward to the story that will begin from our newfound adventure, and the mysteries and goals that will be brought up! I can’t say much further. First, do be sure to see how things kick off in Patch 6.1’s story. I believe that the key to continuing these stories is whether or not they’ll excite us as developers. If our motivation erodes away, there’s no doubt that it will extend to our players. To prevent this from happening, we always place paramount importance on ensuring it’s engaging and fun for us to create (new stories and content) from our perspective as developers.

You’ve expressed wanting to make XIV more accessible to solo play. How do you marry the idea of an MMO, by design a multiplayer experience, and solo play? What is your design philosophy there and how do you approach these changes while staying true to the MMO aspects?

The answer is simple; my concept is to make the most of FFXIV’s characteristics as a story-driven MMORPG, and make it so that only the story can be played through on a solo basis. So, “marrying” isn’t the right expression, and what I want to do is lower the barrier for entry among those who feel intimidated by MMORPGs or who are not good at multiplayer games. Of course, I’ll be happy if players are satisfied after completing just the story, or if throughout their journeys they discover the fun of multiplayer and MMORPGs, leading them to try out various types of content.

The upcoming alliance raid, Myths of the Realm, will focus heavily on some long-established lore of Eorzea. What do you think about some of the theories players have come up with about the deities and patrons of Eorzea? Will our chosen deity in character creation finally have an impact beyond flavour lore?

Of course I look through the theories players come up with, and it seems that some of them may not be far from hitting the mark. (laughs) In this alliance raid, the story will be about the very existence of the Twelve and their true nature. However, the deities chosen during character creation… will not affect your status (during the battle). Our players need not worry.

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