Radiohead explain the story behind the creation of its Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, out today on PS5

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Now then…

Things have been happening… 

To mark a period of 21 years since the expulsion of Kid A and Amnesiac from a converted barn in the Oxfordshire countryside into an unsuspecting world we’ve built… something.
We aren’t sure what it is.

To start with, when we first started thinking about it, we intended to build a physical exhibition/installation in a central London location. 

It was going to be a huge red construction made by welding shipping containers together, constructed so that it looked as if a brutalist spacecraft had crash-landed into the classical architecture of the Victoria & Albert Museum in Kensington.

This astounding steel carapace would be inserted into the urban fabric of London like an ice pick into Trotsky. Jutting up into the grey English sky. And then – being constructed from shipping containers – we could ship it around the world… New York, Tokyo, Paris…

But then we couldn’t fit it at the Victoria & Albert without parts of the museum building collapsing.
So we changed location – now it would look as if it had crashed into the side of the Royal Albert Hall.
But Westminster council didn’t like the idea one little bit.
And then Covid delivered the final annihilation. 

Our dream was dead.
Until we realised…
It would be way better if it didn’t actually exist.
Because then it didn’t have to conform to any normal rules of an exhibition. Or reality.
Much better.


With Nigel Godrich we have been working on this for about two years, through lockdowns, self-isolations and many very long intermittent Zoom calls.  
We worked with Sean Evans, a genius video/computer artist who directed it all with awe inspiring dedication and energy, theatre set designer Christine Jones and the game developers [namethemachine] and Arbitrarily Good Productions.
And finally persuading Epic Games to help us put it out to the world.

We had one guiding principle, visually.

Because… there was loads of it already.

Like really.


Like a really crazy amount… You’ll see.


Everything that we built came directly from what we made 20 years ago, in one way or another.

And we had all the multitrack recordings from the albums so we were able to rebuild the audio from the original elements in a new controlled space which wasn’t just stereo.
That was a lot of fun.

Working on something as strange as this over long Zoom calls with a large team of technicians all around the world has been one of the strangest experiences we have ever had.
Unreal in every sense of the word, especially within the months of almost total human isolation.
In all those days of blankness…
A small Minotaur sat on one shoulder saying ‘This is too mad. This ain’t ever gonna happen’
And the other shoulder sat another saying ‘Oh yes. It is.’
What we have made is… it’s something like a mutant re-e

(For Southeast Asia) Let’s Enjoy Local Multiplayer on PlayStation®5!

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It’s fun to forget the time and immerse yourself in the game or to play against strangers online, but one of the most charming elements of gaming is that you can play together with your family and friends on one screen. Here are 15 recommended titles that offer local multiplayer by connecting multiple DualSense™ wireless controllers to one PlayStation®5.
*Including PlayStation®4 games

New popular games to be released soon and latest sport games
 Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles
 Call of Duty: Vanguard
 It Takes Two
 FIFA 22
 NBA 2K22

Long-selling, fun games to compete or cooperate with friends

Casual games to enjoy together with friends!
 Sackboy™: A Big Adventure
 Overcooked! All You Can Eat

New popular games and latest sport games

Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles

Tag team with your friend to enjoy 2-player team battle

“Kimetsu no Yaiba”, the popular comic and anime is now a battle action game! In Versus mode, you can enjoy online and local multiplayer battles with up to 2 players in 2vs2 team battle. 12 characters who fought powerful battles in the anime, including Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Rengoku, are joined by 6 characters from the official spin-off, “Junior High and High School!! Kimetsu Academy Story”, for a total of 18 characters to join the battle! Moreover, demons will be added as playable characters in free updates scheduled after release. Show off your ideal teamwork to your family and friends just like those fighting buddies in the anime!

Call of Duty: Vanguard

To the forefront of the heated battlefield that unfolds in an unprecedented scale!

The latest installment to the FPS franchise “Call of Duty” which is popular not only in Japan, but all over the world. Whether dogfighting over the Pacific Ocean, airdropping operation in France, defending Stalingrad wit

Empire of Sin expands with a free Precincts Update and premium Make It Count DLC

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After months of hard work, we are almost ready to unleash our brand new Precinct update and Make it Count DLC, and shake up prohibition Chicago. All of us are extremely excited for you to play it, so while we’re working toward release day, why not share our excitement and showcase some new design and gameplay features?

Empire of Sin expands with a free Precincts Update and premium Make It Count DLC

Precincts Update

Precincts are definitely our most ambitious change to the game, so let’s start there. Precincts are subdivisions of neighborhoods which provide a new level of control. Right now, you can build or burn a racket anywhere from Municipal Pier to Chinatown, and stake your claim. It’s a lot of fun at the start of the game, but as the game progresses, we feel it becomes too predictable. As upgrades are done on an individual basis, managing rackets dotted around the city results in considerable amounts of administration for any budding Mob Boss. Besides, once you own enough rackets, losing an odd one to the enemy doesn’t affect your game much.

First off, economic controls have been streamlined with the Precinct update. You can keep track of your rackets, precinct by precinct, from one easy-to-use screen.

This is a more efficient way to manage your empire and keep an eye on the parts that need attention while leaving you time to get on with the other demands of being a Mob Boss.

In terms of expansion, precincts stack incrementally outward, painting your faction’s colors across the map, while also setting up a Supply Line. Another crucial element of your empire, Supply Lines form a pathway to get supplies out to your precincts and ensure your money has a safe route back to you. That means it’s bad news if your Supply Line is broken by the enemy and your precincts are cut off, stopping money from coming in until the Supply Line is restored. This also gives you new offensive strategy options, however: the only way past the enemy is through them, and if planned well, you can surround their precincts, giving them no way out.

So, how do you own a precinct? Simply take out the Depot. This is the precinct’s control building, and control won’t fall to you until you have claimed it. Depots are not to be underestimated. Security is heavy and they can draw reinforcement guards from surrounding rackets to help in the defense. This gives you options when it comes to taking over a precinct.

Attacking surrounding rackets first eliminates the reinforcements, removing them from th

Inside the art design of Heavenly Bodies, launching December 7

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After almost three years in development, we’re thrilled to announce that Heavenly Bodies will be launching on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on December 7, 2021. We’ve been working hard to make this game everything we’d imagined, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Our new gameplay trailer below hints at some of the varied, alluring and often ridiculous scenarios you’ll find yourselves in, whether playing solo or with a space pal via local co-op.

Inside the art design of Heavenly Bodies, launching December 7

The art of Heavenly Bodies

Previously, we’ve written about how the game feels to play and what you’ll be doing out there in space. To celebrate the game being so close to release, we thought we’d dive into the reference that inspired us and how Heavenly Bodies came to look the way it does.

Visual direction

The game’s visual style is influenced by mid-century technical illustrations, archival imagery of early space flight exploration and cutaway drawings that allow the viewer to see detailed structures. Our goal has been to create something that appears more like an artist’s interpretation of space rather than striving for realism. The work of Soviet architect and designer Galina Balashova and NASA collaborator illustrator Russ Arasmith has been vital in informing our visual language.

Image credit: Artwork by Russ Arasmith, Date Unknown. NASA

Capturing illustrative qualities in a real-time context

To reproduce this bold, graphical and analogue aesthetic, we first analysed what it was that we needed to effectively reproduce in an interactive, real-time context. The key features we wanted to include were:

●   high contrast between highlights, mid-tones and shadows with little blending in between;

●   the ability to replicate illustrative techniques such as hatching and stippling;

●   grain that feels relative to the scale of the objects in the scene;

●   ability to control the roughness of an object;

●   texture support for hand painted details.

The results of our initial experiments are below, and we felt they were an early step in the right direction.

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